Feb 16, 2014

My Plush Valentines: Jennifer wow's me some more!

Good day good folk!

Some of you know that Jennifer of Plushpussycat and I have been having a gift battle for the last month. I send her stuff then she has to just outdo me and blow my socks off with bountiful baskets of beautiful minis!

Jennifer was of course a gracious gal again letting me do a Valentines swap with her and of course she sent me a big box of mini love.

As you can see Jennifer is serious about this gift battle and threw in her best "give Jane a tear when she opens the box"...Well played lady..well played!

While everything she sent was just beyond gorgeous I want to show you these flowers in a glass vase. Just a stunning gift!
I played around with some of the beauties she sent me and made a little valentines scene.
This doll you see is wrapped in some of the lacy fabric she sent..yes it will look like me eventually ;P Some glasses I think....
This is how I wanted my Valentines to look in life sized but we got tons of snow.
Jennifer brought me my romantic scene like a little Valentines Fairy :)
Thank you again sweet Jennifer, for your friendship and thoughtfulness!
Battle on missy >=P

Feb 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day: Pictures of my 2 feet of snow..so far

Happy Valentines Day folks!!!

I hope you are feeling loved in your parts of the world!

I just wanted to throw a few pictures of the snowstorm we have just survived through. It was 24 hours of snow sleet and ..tears...

While where I live big snows are not uncommon they have been uncommon for the last 7 years..and I live in the boonies!

Last report for us in the states was, that 49 of 50 states had snow even areas that are uncommon for snow.

Well my day is going to be filled with love and shovels and warm thoughts and snowballs and hearts..in the snow.. and flowers..well in magazines anyways!

Here are some shots of the fun day I have ahead!

My car is hiding ;P 
Hugs and luv to you all!

Feb 4, 2014

Snow, Icefluberg and valentines fail: A tiny sneek of my Miniatures.com contest build

Hello fine folk of the frozen world!

I am sorry I did not come through on my goal of a Valentines swap but I have been battling the flu and early on I got my first ear and sinus infection since I was about 9 years old..ouch!!

So needless to say I did not want to send out beautiful looking valentines goodies laced with tiny nasty germs to dock with your face..like it did mine.

My ear had been muted for 4 days now...crapshit....That's right I said it!! ;)

We can try for a spring themed swap instead.

Speaking of spring!!...Did you hear? Its been snowing here on the east coast..and tonight we are going to get 8 inches..then another storm will follow it with about 5 inches...then apparently there might be a storm of all storms to end storms that will cover us in the range of 1-2 feet! 

YAY!!!!!!!!!.......*wahhhhhh* Tears*
All this makes for a very:
If there is any of you other folk going through a stormy
season, keep safe, keep warm and seems like a great time to mini doesn't it?
I worked a bit more on my Undersized Urbanite I did some painting and scaled some supplies for the "safe room" 
Some info on my Miniatures 21st Annual Creatin' Contest:
It will be a fantasy themed house. I will be covering the entire house in a new purchased paper clay that I am now in absolute love with called Polyform Model Air.
As far as I have researched it will be the only dollhouse in its existence that has been built in this style..as far as I have seen...I think :)
So the first and truly one of a kind....I think...
And here is a shot of some of the stonework:

 Hugs, sniffles and best wishes to you all! See you on the other side of the storm..sssssss