Jul 16, 2014

I..I don't know what to write about: ehh.. here are some summer pictures instead..

Good Summer good folks!

Summer fun is a busy time, I have been playing in the sun and doing... things... but I just couldn't muster a good blog post..I try to keep this blab about miniatures and clay and *hehehehharhar* ..crazy eyes....

But I guess a few personal shots of our life here wouldn't completely break the mystery that is Jane Smith *smirk*

Anywhoooooo..I hope you are enjoying your seasons and are getting some crafty time in!..Here are some random things about life here in the swamp of mystery and I guess I will figure out what to write when I post them..

Hugs and well wishes around! ~J

We have had lots of days of rain here and I let my garden overgrownand get crazy..but it does grow and is producing already!

I threw a bunch of leftover seeds in a bed and apparently they were mostly tomatoes...

There are going to be a lot of tomatoes this year!

My cucumbers are to be watched.I see one peeking out today...

We decided to let the back portion of our property over grow a bit this year..normally we weedwack it down ..but letting it grow produced these abundance of ferns that took over, they look like a magical Forrest now.. wonderful!

Some are growing about in other areas also.

I don't know what this flower vine is but its just climbing my forsythia..its a beautiful purple..er..thing

Our house does get "cleaned up" once in a while..kinda..Jane's abode in the Shticks!

This is my boy Red..he is my baby brat spoiled rotten kitty..Here is is sitting smugly on the couch he knows hes not allowed to sit on..did I mention smugly?

This is his brother Onyx..he is my husbands cat. You can see they are troublemakers, here they are sitting on my armchair...where they are not allowed to be...putting cat ass all over the arm..

They have always been two troublesome peas in a mischievous pod.. here you can see them planning evil deeds and thinking on how to claw my legs up one day...

Pure evil......I guess Red always looked smug didn't he?

Here are some things I worked on for Etsy, some have sold..So yes I am doing some minis..sometimes

Half scale is my "try sometime new"..boy these are hard work!..yes that is my pointer finger holding it up ;P

Ok ..I am going to stop the ramblings there...See you folks soon!
~A..er ~J..

Jul 2, 2014

My Polyform Project: Premo! Sculpey Fairy Garden!

Good summer to you fine folks!

I know a lot of us have been busy with summer projects, being crafty and vacation fun! I hope you are all enjoying your summer...and winter for some! Regardless of your season, a fairy garden is a wonderful addition to any miniaturists projects, so here is a nice big tutorial for you to create with!

I present to you, the Premo! Sculpey Fairy Garden!

As you know I was very lucky to have been asked to do a project for Polyform, I think all of you know..I uhhh..roll in piles of polymer clay!

A lot of these pieces can be scaled and used in your regular projects, maybe you want to do a flower garden with a bench and birdbath, maybe consider creating a garden for friends, loved ones or just let the kiddos decorate all your deck pots!..(laughs at self)

Here is the link for the Fairy Garden tutorial.

Edit: Someone told me about the face book page also, go like and comment maybe they will consider some more miniature projects!

I do hope this will finally inspire you to "play with clay" even if you have been eager to do so but have not...now is the perfect time to just start mashing this putty gold about and creating something of magic and wonder!

Mini and Macro Hugs! ~J
Ps...I am still silly Jane of the same name..preferring no fame..ignore the other one *smirk*