Jan 30, 2015

Minifanaticus: Theme Hutch Giveaway!

Hello snowed in friends!! Are we all getting snow..or rain..or heatwaves??  Ahhahhggggg!

Anyways, I did mention a midwinter giveaway did I not? I thought I might dig around into my bins and craft something interesting for the giveaway..but then..I just blanked out!!  I had no idea what to make..

Then I looked at these many variations of hutches I had on my shelf all in stages of being turned into...??

So I thought a theme hutch might be a good idea for this giveaway...

What theme Jane???

Well that is up to you!! For this giveaway you create the hutch you want and I will craft it!!

Want a shabby chic hutch with a cake display.. want a old witches hutch with moss and potions... want a strawberry themed hutch...like sunflowers...teddy bears...garden supplies...spooky Halloween...cats....harry potter.........something naughty *smirk*
Have you left a comment in the last three months November to now? Then you are included. No need to post this on your blog..Leave your choices in the comments.

Your choices will be color, style, theme..anything your mind can create..

Color: Wood colors, painted, etc...
Style: Shabby, Magical, Rustic, etc...
Theme: Potions, cakes, butterflies, food, etc...

The last day you can comment on this post will be 6th of February after that day I will do the draw and start working on the winners hutch. You will not know who won the draw until February 20th when I post the hutch.


Jan 21, 2015

ETSY: Miniatures and time management! Ideas, eyecandy!!! ***Lots of pictures**

Hello fine folk of the earth!

I hope you are all doing well, I know no matter where we are in the world at the moment its the season for sickness and flu, so I will encourage you to all keep healthy, wash your hands like a mad person and keep yourselves as stress free as you can!

As you know I tend to drop off the face of the blogging world from time to time but I am always busy with miniatures in some way.

After the Miniatures.com Elven Bower build I got back to working on ETSY and trying to get back into creating little scenes. so after a few friends suggested, I thought I might show you some of those items that I have worked on the last few months as filler for empty blogging and of course to inspire you folks with some ideas ;P

Most of these have sold but I am proud of each one so I will showcase them and hope the owners do not mind ;)

I will start from old to new:
Dragon Eggs 
Tarot Reading 
Witches Prep Board 
Drippy candles 
Dragon Search 
1:24th half scale Strawberry cake prep 
1:24th half scale Herbalist set 
Vampire Hunter
1:24th half scale Old world writing set 
Demon Hunter 
1:24th half scale Tudor foods 
Fall Candle display 

These skulls were pretty popular so I made a few set of them

Skulls of the fallen 

1:24th half scale Skulls of the fallen
1:24th Half scale Skull candle and book stack 
1:24th half scale Scare crow and hay bale
Old potion bottles 
The bubbling cauldron 
Squeakers the rat 
1:24th half scale cottage food 
Poison Apple prep board 
Old world bottles 
Witches Study
Spell Book Pedestal  

This curio is my first big piece. It is inspired by the show Penny Dreadful, which has all supernatural themes involved a real fantasy show, and sexy ;P

1:24th Half scale Log cabin set 

Anyone ever read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

I hope you enjoyed the show and are inspired to add a little magic to your mini!

As usual, just ask if you have questions about constructon, materials etc

Jan 13, 2015

Monthly Spotlight: Dollhouses by Kelly Morin

Good day good folks!

I would like to introduce you to one of my fantastic friends: Kelly Morin.

Kelly started making 1:6th scale doll clothes for her niece's Barbies, once she had made her niece more clothes than she would ever use in a lifetime,  Kelly then started selling doll clothes on Ebay because she enjoyed it so much.

Quote from Kelly: "I stumbled on a photo of a miniature house while looking for backdrops to display my doll clothes... and I thought... "hmmm it might be fun to try building a dollhouse" ... the rest is history... I was hooked... that was four years and 44 houses ago."

The above picture is Kelly's half scale Nottingham which was just one of Kelly's featured pieces in Dollhouse Miniature's Magazine. The details of this amazing Nottingham build can be ogled over at Greenleaf Dollhouses forum. The fantastic piece is just one example of Kelly's superb paper clay skills.
The Back:

Black Cat Landing: A Witches House 
is another stunning piece done by Kelly:

Kelly adds so much detail and life to each one of her Dollhouses, everything from the lighting in the space to the aged wooden beams adds to the stories of her builds.

The mouse house, see the little door on the very bottom???

More of this gorgeous build can be found here in her Greenleaf Gallery

Kelly created a fantastic piece for the Miniatures.com build Named Blackthron Bog Dragon Hatchery. I am sure you will see more about this piece in the coming months as it will be a sure winner,or if your lucky enough to own it!

Kelly is currently working on a rare kit from 1980 called the First Lady by RGT.  It is the 1/2 scale version of the kit.  The original 1:12 scale kit was designed for the Carter's for the White House Christmas display. As you can see here the space and details of this wonderful house is just going to be filled with amazing eye candy for us all to ogle:

Kelly always has a build going, currently she has some 1/4 scale houses in stages of build, she has plans for some hobbit inspired builds and a few projects her friends keep pestering her about *cough* CASTLE*  ;)

If you are lucky enough to have one of Kelly's builds then you know all about her amazing miniature skills, if you are just finding out about her then be prepared to be awed by her talent....

Ebay seller: kellyannmo

This is such an amazing hobby I have made so many wonderful friends through the world of miniatures... and I am inspired by them every day :) ~ Kelly Morin~

Jan 10, 2015

Jane had a tumble!!: Smash goes the laptop


Good evening good folk!

Happy New Year!!!! Oh ...wait..uhh...oh oh.....boom..oh..ouch!!!  Smashh!!! Zip zap...

That was that was the sound of new years day, all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put my little laptop back together again!!

And my hands...and my ankle...bruises.,,,,, old age..flabby buns..er wait..

I did not break any bones but it did..break.... my spirit a bit. I am now typing on a brand new... cheap...but new laptop so I expect to get back into the swing of things soon and maybe blab on about little do dads and such things.

Sorry if I've missed some of your blogs but I did try to use my hubby's computer a few times a week to keep up with things....when he was home,,, I got shooed away like a little technotroll< that's real isn't it?

I am going to do some write-ups about some of my mini friends this winter, I don't have much to talk about so I though I would blab on about what they are doing...

Any how, how have you been? What things are you working on now? What skills you working on?

I think we need a midwinter give away..that always helps recovery *wink*