May 5, 2015

The Log Mansion: Second floor, trim work, floors and extras

Good Day!

How are things in your neck of the woods? We are finally getting spring, it took long enough but I am so happy it is here! its filled with bugs though ..sigh..   How is your weather? Nice I hope!

Any whooooo.

The house is almost complete, I figure it should be finished this weeknd after touchups and some more additions. Here are some shots...

Ive added the dormers, railings and some porch framing

I am still adding to the sides and railings. I have to craft a chimney for this side.

I added a roof slope to the bump-out. 

This is the bedroom, beam framing will be applied here. 

This is the office, beaming and shelving will be placed here. 

A shot of the whole interior before framing and the back panels are applied. 

The living room will have some beams along the celing to hide the lighing wire. I am going to use led lights in this house. They last very long as will be easy to replace if need be in the future.

More work to do but we are getting close!