Nov 3, 2015

Tap tap (dust)... this thing on? : The long (working) vacation

Good day fine folks!

I've been away for quite some time haven't I? Time to stretch and yawn and get back to rambling on about mini fanatical thoughts and crazy miniature experiments!

How have you been? I've been reading along and seen some fantastic work, shabby roomboxes of delicate colors, witchy shops of magical delight, big moves, small renovations, lavish stories of fantastical worlds, flowers so fine they look real, old friends come back in costume, kitchens to die for, miniature fair preps, fuzzy superbears, beary delights in Halloween land and beautiful babies!

Whew.. quite a season we've had!

I have been quite busy as a maker myself over the last few months, I have concentrated my time towards Etsy a lot to help pay for my daughters orthodontic work but now its done and I am going to get back to blabbing....

So for this first rusty post I will just ramble on about things I've been doing and show some pictures in hopes that it may inspire some of you as you inspire me!

My daughters first request was for us to build a real dollhouse for her over the summer to be worked on over time. I agreed as long as she did 90% of the work with me sitting along and guiding her.

She loves a old, worn, mossy, witchy house but she also has her own girly style so we decided on a shabby white witch house, of course inspired by some of the lovely shabby looks we've seen done over these last few.

Its a work in progress and I am slowly letting her raid my stash since she is very here are some shots of her creations, decoratons and work so far.

Here is the two main floors you can see we did a plastered aged look for the walls and kept everything else in white worn look.
Bedroom and bath, the furniture is all part of greenleaf kits or old projects I never finished. 

Large foam sheet for the chimney painted a few times with the pencil lining. 

Toilet paper clay I had leftover where I used a stone stamp technique which I have promised to get into.... and I will .....soon! 

My daughters first veggy basket, which I am so proud of, mind you she is 8 years old and did all of this!

We are still working and building but its a good start!


What else.. uhhh..

Well ive been working on Etsy items but have burnt myself out a bit so am going to take a couple of weeks off from that!!! Here are some of the things I've done since last time.

Alice in wonderland jury box:

Three witches brew

Cherries and Olives
The white witch ( this also inspired our build)

Dragon keeper set

Chiro the bat

Witches supply
Pepo the pumpkin
The good Dr.

And recently I've complete a bit of fan art for myself, some of you know I am a ole big nerdy gamer!

Fallout 4 Garage Diorama

I am sure there is more stuff around here somewhere but I've cracked the ice and got back to blabbing long enough for now!

Hope your all being good little crafty elves!