Jul 18, 2016

Big decisions: to blog or not to blog..a fond farewell?

Good day good mini folk of the globe!

I of course have not written a goddamned thing..obvious. I will tell you I've kicked around the idea of not continuing my little blog here for the last few months....

I think like all things, life transitions and bigger things get in the way and I found myself with no time for anything other than a few minutes of "me" time.

I still love minis, creating them and sharing the process of what I learned its become to the point of either creating things in the little time I have or blabbing on about my shenanigery and crazy thoughts.

I did not want to cut all ties just yet but I did think I should say a little something outside of dropping off the planet as I tend to do...

Jane Smith can always be found if needed I am still here, I may return in the colder months but for now I think its best to say that I will be taking a long break to get some big life things in order.

I do hope you all keep crafty and creative in your ventures and if you ever need to pick my crazy brain I am available as always, you know how to find me ;)

I guess I will end it with a few pictures of things I've done the last few months to inspire you fine folks to keep mini'ing