Dec 9, 2012

Christmas list: Stage one making ornaments

Decorating the Tree:

So here are a few ornaments, I know everyone has their own way , usually using beads with wire for ornaments  . .....lets make some glittery balls for the tree.

These are polymer clay, crimping beads and a small bit of curled fine wire for hooks.

 You can use any shape bead you want. Remember these nail decorating jars we all went hunting down in the dollar store? 
They sure do have a lot of free micro glitter and fancy shapes ;)

If your using beads you will have to attach the hook after, if your using poly clay, then shape apply hook or hole and bake.

Hold the bead like this and apply clear nail polish, or a coat of glue in thick quantity. If doing duel colors only apply where the first color goes, dry, then do other side.

The sprinkle whatever nice micro glitter or shapes you like onto your new ornament. Maybe appling little beads in a pattern.

While the shapes and slivers may require you to pat the ball a couple of time to get it smooth, the micro glitter is the best bet, don't forget you can apply two colors if you are so inclined or three!!!!

Maybe a few decorative designed beads or animals, look through your old jewelry and charms as well!


  1. That is a good way to do decorations... I might just have to make some around the McKinley decorations this way. I made my christmas tree ones with beads...

    At least you were able to do the fair! How was that besides being nervous?

    1. It was a good expierience ty, fear was gone after the first crowd around my table, and a few empty tables around me. Validates your art ;)

      I made some good money even *lol*

      Just add a little microglitter to the ones you already have ;)

  2. Great ornaments! Glad you decided to go to the show and hope it was positive experience.

    1. It was thanks, but restocking etsy might take a bit more time ;)

  3. I love the glitter ornaments, great idea. Hmm now to go try to see if they have any of that glitter at the dollar store or maybe Sallys. Hope you have a nice quiet getaway or a really loud crazy one depending on which you like!!

  4. The ornaments look fab! :D

  5. Anonymous12/10/2012

    Love the ornaments!! I was just about to get out the poly clay tonight and make some of my own, but a) I can't find my glitter (might need a trip to the dollar store for those little jars of goodness!!) and b) I thought first I better think up a little mini christmas scene that I could even put them in LOL.
    I look forward to watching a mini christmas developing over here! And glad to hear your show was a success! :D


  6. Ohhh... fantástico.
    Feliz Navidad
    Un abrazo

  7. Your ornaments are lovely - very sparkly. Not surprised that you went with the polymer clay, you do such marvelous things with it. Thank you for sharing. Now if I could just find where Jaynie put those little bottles of glitter.
    A Big Merry Hug, Mary

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  9. Just found your blog through Pinterest. I have done several miniature trees and have a couple more in the works. Do you try to scale your ornaments? Usually I use a 2 foot tree and scale the ornaments so it would be roughly an 8-foot tree. Most of the miniature ornaments I do are created from a combination of beads and seldom over 2.5" tall.

    1. Hello David,

      When working in 1:12th scale or 1:24th yes they are scaled appropriately.

      These shown are 1:12th scale 1" inch equals 1 foot. So in this instance the tree would be about 5-6" (inches) tall.