Jul 18, 2016

Big decisions: to blog or not to blog..a fond farewell?

Good day good mini folk of the globe!

I of course have not written a goddamned thing..obvious. I will tell you I've kicked around the idea of not continuing my little blog here for the last few months....

I think like all things, life transitions and bigger things get in the way and I found myself with no time for anything other than a few minutes of "me" time.

I still love minis, creating them and sharing the process of what I learned its become to the point of either creating things in the little time I have or blabbing on about my shenanigery and crazy thoughts.

I did not want to cut all ties just yet but I did think I should say a little something outside of dropping off the planet as I tend to do...

Jane Smith can always be found if needed I am still here, I may return in the colder months but for now I think its best to say that I will be taking a long break to get some big life things in order.

I do hope you all keep crafty and creative in your ventures and if you ever need to pick my crazy brain I am available as always, you know how to find me ;)

I guess I will end it with a few pictures of things I've done the last few months to inspire you fine folks to keep mini'ing



  1. Hello Jane!
    I am so glad to hear from you again, although I had not been expecting this particular news, however, I know perfectly well how things have to be kept in perspective and prioritized by Real Life.
    I think that there are a lot of people dropping out of blogland and all for various reasons. Often when I think of the Real Life HORRORS and ATROCITIES taking place all over the world, blogging about our miniature world it seems to me like I am trying to live with my head in the sand so that I can stay safe within this land of make-believe. One has to come up for air eventually though. *sigh*
    Meanwhile, I am happy that you are finding some time to do the kind of creating that you excel at, and I shall look forward to reading your blog again whenever you are ready to pick it up again.
    but I'll be missing you, (as I already have been) until that time arrives


  2. Sometimes you have to change things up a little. You sure will be missed in blog world. Maybe you just need a break. After all you have to have fun or it becomes a chore.
    love & hugs♥♥♥,

  3. Cara Jennifer, anch'io ho avuto il tuo stesso pensiero. Troppo tempo che non scrivo sul mio blog!Le cose cambiano e purtroppo il tempo per fare tutto diminuisce. Belli i tuoi lavori ma noi continuiamo a incontrarci su etsy!Abbracci. Emanuela

  4. Cara Jennifer, anch'io ho avuto il tuo stesso pensiero. Troppo tempo che non scrivo sul mio blog!Le cose cambiano e purtroppo il tempo per fare tutto diminuisce. Belli i tuoi lavori ma noi continuiamo a incontrarci su etsy!Abbracci. Emanuela

  5. Hi Jane,
    I have enjoyed your blog over the years, I am a big fan of your work. Don't feel bad about taking a break from blogging when you just don't feel it. I took a three year break from my blog and only came back because I kept getting mail from readers wanting to know if I ever intended on continuing a silly story I had started.


  6. Hi Jane,
    I know what you mean about lack of time...I just started a new Job and I have a lot of responsibilities now that I didn't have before..I worked crazy hours because if I didn't ...we wouldn't have been able to pay the bills so something had to go.

    like you I will be coming back when the weather is cooler but right now all I can do is comment once and a while which totally sucks. take care of you


  7. I am the last person to say anything about not leaving. I have not been very active on my blog at all. Today I went outside to capture some pictures for the blog and they all sucked so I came back in to drool over other's mini-blogs like yours. I remember when I would not have given up so easily. I must do better and perk up to post again.

    You, like all of the others who have left or are taking a break will be so missed. Promise you won't stay away long. :-D

  8. You will be missed. Hopefully, its just a long break...

  9. I do hope you'll come back. We all need time and free time. Have a long break but do come back.

  10. Hello Jane,
    You shall be missed! I have always loved seeing your amazing work, your endless imagination and your sense of fun. You have been a big inspiration to me. I understand perfectly that there are not enough hours in the day. Enjoy your new freedom...you are blog free!!! but if ever you do decide to put up another post, say in the cold months of winter, we will be here.
    Big hug

  11. Breaks are good! Much better to be focused on the "real" life, versus what's in your computer. :) Enjoy the summer weather, family, and friends. Hope to see you back here one day soon!

  12. So you're joining the line of those who queue up to leave blogland... *sigh* It's getting more and more deserted around here and it's for sure bad news to hear you've decided to lay your blog down. I really keep my fingers crossed that this will only be a break and that one day there'll be a "knock knock" on your blog again... because I enjoyed every post of yours. Well, at least I can still see your newest creations at Etsy...


  13. El tiempo es limitado y hay que utilizarlo para ser felices y no vernos asfixiadas por las cosas. Aveces hay que descansar y tomarse un respiro. Tienes una imaginación portentosa. Me alegro de conocer tu blog.

  14. WOW!!! I LOVE that automaton bird!!! It looks like a "steampunk phoenix"! LOL!
    Your work is always so original and so creative and so Fantastical.... it will be sad not to see you posting here..... but one does what one needs to do!
    When you do have any time to spare, I hope you will come back to visit from time to time. :) I think there will be some of us still typing madly away.....

  15. Wow, your creations are fabulous - not sure about that evil teddy though! I totally understand where you are coming from regarding the blog. As you will be aware I haven't been very present for a while on my blog(s) and haven't been able to keep up with the blogs I follow either. I have been struggling to decide what to do as far as blogging goes both as my circumstances have changed and also because I am trying to decide where I want to head creatively. Sometimes I think I will be better to just leave blogging for now so I am not stressing about it. I hope you keep up with your fabulous inspirational creations. All the best.

  16. Hey Jane, I fully understand. Just take a break from blogging and wait if you feel like returning one day.
    Just leave your blog like it is; so many people will find the posts your wrote up till now. They will be happy to read them and they will feel inspired by your work.
    Have a good time!

  17. Привет Джейн! Какая ужасная новость! Я надеюсь, что вы отдохнете, а потом вернетесь в блог! Я буду скучать. Ваши прекрасные мини вдохновляли меня всегда! Ах, какая птица - стимпанк!! Вы такая талантливая и творческая леди!!! Ваша работа великолепна! Я люблю ваши творения! Кстати! Ваш крот является братом крота, который живет на моей даче! Он перекопал всю землю! Ужас!
    Я держусь за блог! Это единственное спасение в нашем безумном мире!

  18. oh no! I'd hate to see you go =( I hope you will be back later =) The best thing about your break, is that I'm on a break at the same time, this way I wont miss anything ;)
    But.. yes life just gets in the way sometimes, and I rather see you make minis than just blog. But, one day I hope to see you again!
    Take care and best wishes!

  19. You'll be a miss Jane =0(
    Take care x

  20. Wow! What amazing and wondrous miniature works of art you've created, Jane. I'll miss your blog, but I completely understand. It has been so long since I've blogged that I might have forgotten how! Glad you're doing what is best for you. I hope you keep your blog up for our enjoyment, though. It will be fun to look back at previous posts when I need a Minifanaticus fix! :-D xo Jennifer

  21. Aww. I JUST found your blog. Even if you stop maintaining it, I hope you'll leave it for posterity. What little I've seen so far is just pure magic.

    As a used-to-be-blogger, I understand the need to pursue other things, so I don't hold it against you, and I am glad you've shared your creativity and knowledge with others up to this point.


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