Nov 18, 2012

Holiday Basket

Ive been working all day on this basket.. you ever crate a mini that give you miniitus of the spine because you have been hunched over for too many hours?...yeah well I got that...

... but I must say I love this piece.

The basket was created with the sting weaving technique that I use for all my baskets and cornucopias,

I polymer clay was big here obviously but I also did some printies and painting on this piece. Pulled string to show straw some tissue paper to line the basket.

As you can see I have bagged candies, cookies, a cocoa mug with some candy canes in it, a new version of the Christmas tree candle and a shiny box..that holds... ______________ <imagination here:

The little bell I picked up recently I had a few silver bells but found a pack of these mini gold bells that I had to snatch up.

Now I think I will go lay on my hardwood floors for about a hour...and try to straighten this old spine.

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