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Gotta Start Somwhere!!


  1. What lovely boxes, I especially like the first one!
    Your things are very nice, and I always like to see what other people are creating, especially from scratch (like me).
    Oh, and I see you haven't put your name in my giveaway draw. If you want to you still have until noon tomorrow to do it :)


  2. thanks hon,

    Since I am new to the bloggworld..thats a term? I would not take a spot from your long term followers..but I will be pouncing on the next one *lol*

  3. These boxes are great Jane!! Perfect color choices and in the different sizes too! These are definitely going in my mini house.

  4. Oh, cute boxes! Now I have no more excuses for procrastinating on getting toner for the printer :D

    Having a supportive community is what blogging is all about, so thank you for the thanks.