Aug 24, 2013

The cheese and squeek of it all: Miniature Rodents

Good day!

Are you all being naughty, trickery, mini boys and girls? You know the Pumpkin King is always watching *wink*

I thought I would try to make the smallest most frustrating thing I could ever do on the planet, mice and rats.

I am going to just copy and paste what I wrote in Greenleaf about the creation process here.. as it still applies to how they are made:

"Yes they are handmade, all my mini's start out the same ,a tiny lump of polymer clay. ......then, you drop the lump on the floor and curse to the clouds.. then you pick it up and fix it and attempt to attach the ears, they stick to your fingers.. so you curse some more..
But after that bake your pinkish lump, and attach some fine cut fur with tweezers and glue.. till most of the fur is glued on your fingers but some is still on the mouse..
 And TADA! You have some meeses and a rat ;P 
Pretty much ;)
Ok some more detail, You start with a translucent mix of pink white.. we all have tons and tons of translucent clay..right?
Some of you might want to create the body and then twice bake for ears/tail legs.
After baking you might want to apply a bit of watered down rose color for the nose ears and hands just to bring a shadow to them.
Then you will painfully apply bits of glue and a fine flock of really trimmed down fluff, make sure to curse up a storm throughout this process as it will be mandatory *smirk*
As you can see the rat is slightly bigger, than the mice but he is going to be for close ups. A few mice in the SF build and one or two are taking a trip *hugzzzz*
Maybe some time..when I have some time..and quiet ..I will try a video on this, I haven't made a video in ages have I?
Monster High Dollhouse
My daughter picked out some scrapbook paper so we stared to apply that to the Monster high dollhouse, and We did some simple cusions for the couch chair bed, so far.
Have a wonderful weekend! 

Aug 18, 2013

Sunday's Project: Monster High 1:6 on the cheap

Good Evening gouls and ghosts.. er .....

One of my planned summer projects was to build a 1:6th scale play house for my daughter, for her Monster High Dolls and other Disney dolls. "Bookcase style" Open front........but space..time... weight ..cost....brainpower< zap>

Anywhoooos, after constant big eyed blinking and sweetest little voice "mommy can we make it together?"

I decided to try out the foam board, and you know what? Its a pretty versatile product!

So I purchased this tri fold foam display board for 9 bucks and a few extra sheets at dollar each, and just stood operetta around and used the ole pen to make lines.

This is scale for 1:6th..ish I never once used a measuring tape but I never do anyways, did I ever mention I do all my minis with eye scale? < official term....eye scale...

I just moved the doll around and made paper patterns and cut and hot glued this bad boy up!!. And it turned out pretty ok ;P

So here is the start, I am sure it will grow into a huge, foam laden, timewaster but I though I would show you what you can make in a day, with only a few bucks...the slightest backbreaking labor and a flattened numbed ass. < Jane's a baddie>

Its pretty big 36" by 24" I think, not even finished yet ;P
I made various patterns in paper for the furniture, this can be quickly done by folding paper in half drawing half your pattern and cutting. Then I used a nice new exacto to cut the forms from leftover foam board.
These patterns are pretty easy I figured a magical look to them, pointed, spiked just to look gothic "like"
We will add some stamped craft felt to them once I get a pattern going.. cutsie skulls is it?
Again simple half fold patterns to make matching furniture throughout.
Using the doll for scale
I had to redo this chair legs weren't long enough, but a bit o hot glue and new legs, Operetta seems happy with it ;P
My daughter slathered everything with the black paint, so we used a simple water based acrylic, I will add some details like puff paint for trim etc.
This is pretty sturdy if you are wondering, although my daughter knows how to be careful with her toys at 6.. if your son wants a Castle.. you might want to add some wood glue to harden the foam board a bit more ;)
Any questions for me, ask away, if you want the furniture patterns I can always email or upload them.
Have a great evening..I am going to soak my flat butt in a hot tub with a glass of wine *hunches away*

Aug 16, 2013

More peeks and fall is around the corner...

Good day good folk!

I hope you are all well in your lives and in mini land. We are coming up around the bend here for summer, preparing for fall, school and free time *YAY!!!*

I have been steadily working on my Spring Fling project when I get the time..late nights mostly ;P

I usually listen to music during these sessions unless its tedious repetitive kind then I switch to Netflix and watch some of the Sundance or independent movies my hubby.. just.. won't watch*smirk*

So in those ventures I found Jose Gonzalez for music.. How did I ever miss this amazing artist???

I watched several movies suggested to me by various folks, Any Day Now..made me cry like a blabbering fool..and The Intouchables another amazing script. So if you get a chance...see the above stuff.

Ok on to the goods Jane >=)

I worked on some textured creations to see if I could.
I added some old items in with new and swap pieces.
I moved things around a bit to see how they looked
I learned how much my printer cartridge costs this month
I decorated some of my friends lovely gifts for the big show
Thanks to all you lovely mini folks out there for your swaps and offers for help, I hope your adventures in little things will be grand ;) J.s