Mar 25, 2014

Miniatures...FOR SCIENCE!!!!!!

Good day good folk of the fifth densest and largest of the eight planets in the Solar System!...<earth>

Science fairs! I am sure a few of us are around this time of the season for our kiddos and nieces, nephews and grandkids.  My daughter and I are growing Alum Crystals at the moment, the science fair is this Friday..

What are Alum crystals you might ask???

Alum is a common pickling spice that can be found in most grocery stores. Of course it is used for many more uses and a variance of crafting techniques.
It also grows some fantastic crystals overnight!!
We started this project because growing Alum crystals are very and mostly non toxic for children to do the process. You don't want to have constant exposure to Alum but in small doses its fine.
Now while researching Alum we found another project that we are doing for the display. They were advertised on Martha Stewart as Cyrystal Egg Geodes:
Beautiful right?
Then I came across this interesting beauty...and now we get into miniatures. As we all know we gain ideas from life sized objects and attempt to recreate those objects in smaller scales. So I have decided to try something in the name of MINIATURE SCIENCE!!!!
Here is the example of a Alum encrusted Chandelier from Zdeněk Vacek and Daniel Pošta.
Where are you going Jane??......
So this is just the first attempt ..and its crap... but I thought that I might form a interesting technique for you folks to create your own crystal covered objects. I give to you the was in the water too long..but it has crystals on it...bead and wire..chandelier..ish
I don't think anyone else has attempted this technique? Am I wrong?
In any case I will attempt another go at creating a better wire structure and soaking it in for a particular time limit. The crystals grow on the structure in hours. So for smaller crystals I think less time may produce smaller finer crystals, maybe multiple soaks.
I think we may have stumbled on something here folks!! More testing is needed more miniature scientists..maybe a lab...maybe some funding from NASA
.............ok I am rambling...
but yell this in your mind before you go...

Mar 16, 2014

Minifanaticus teacher?...Fairy gardens and spring fun

Good morning children! I mean folks!

I will have to start to get used to little imaginations and messy hands soon as I have been asked to teach a 6 week course in miniature arts and nature for my local school. So starting at the end of April ...

Fairy Gardens and Troll Homes will officially commence!

I am so excited about this new venture to get children interested in our "little hobby" and to help them spark their minds to think on magical worlds.

I decided I will have them create projects over the 6 weeks that will include painting and decorating small birdhouses, creating air dry pots and bowls, collecting rocks, planting mosses and bringing home their very own magical place to entice the wee folk to visit.

As you can see here I have created a mini version of the whole idea ;P
Are you fine folk thinking on your very own fairy gardens for when the Artic thaw happens?..if it ever does?
Fairy's, Fairy gardens and magical things always spark imagination because the worlds you create can have such vast backgrounds and stories.
You can see some of my Fae in this Aprils Miniature Collector.
Keep fantasy and whimsy in your thoughts!


I also wanted to show you the work goes slow but steady for the sorceress tower, each side will have to be front and back ...5 panels plus details trims ..yada yada work goes on...

Mar 11, 2014

Peeking out and seeing my shadow: Jane's hybernation is almost over

Good day good folk!

I want to thank you fine folks for messaging me and asking if I was alive.... I AM!! Just took a bit of a winter blues..depression about winter...non active.. break for a bit ;)

I am alive and although we apparently might get another dusting of snow..F**K.. I think nature is letting me know its over. The Canadian geese are returning and spring birds are starting to sing!

We had 2 birthdays here in March, my daughter who's birthday was the 5th. She turned 7 this year and is growing more beautiful and smart and wiseassery by the minuet!
I did make the little guy Olaf at the top, for my daughter since we now sing songs from Frozen ..allll...dayyyy...looongg:

I also had a birthday on the 7th I decided I would show you this picture of myself working at my desk, I think I look very lean and tone in this shot.
I decided to purchase the Greenleaf Lighthouse and create a Sorceress Tower out of it. I did not get very far but..the ideas are that's something ;)
Paper clay play..
and lastly I have been working a tiny.. tiny bit on my build. I have all year for this one so I will probably work more on the tower since my heart is in it..but you know scatter brain umm...SQUIRREL!
I hope all your mini adventures are going well, I am slowly thawing from your hugs ;)