Mar 16, 2014

Minifanaticus teacher?...Fairy gardens and spring fun

Good morning children! I mean folks!

I will have to start to get used to little imaginations and messy hands soon as I have been asked to teach a 6 week course in miniature arts and nature for my local school. So starting at the end of April ...

Fairy Gardens and Troll Homes will officially commence!

I am so excited about this new venture to get children interested in our "little hobby" and to help them spark their minds to think on magical worlds.

I decided I will have them create projects over the 6 weeks that will include painting and decorating small birdhouses, creating air dry pots and bowls, collecting rocks, planting mosses and bringing home their very own magical place to entice the wee folk to visit.

As you can see here I have created a mini version of the whole idea ;P
Are you fine folk thinking on your very own fairy gardens for when the Artic thaw happens?..if it ever does?
Fairy's, Fairy gardens and magical things always spark imagination because the worlds you create can have such vast backgrounds and stories.
You can see some of my Fae in this Aprils Miniature Collector.
Keep fantasy and whimsy in your thoughts!


I also wanted to show you the work goes slow but steady for the sorceress tower, each side will have to be front and back ...5 panels plus details trims ..yada yada work goes on...


  1. OMG Jane let me be the first to congratulate you on being in Miniature Collector!!!!!!!!!!! Huggs, balloons, flowers and the works! Also congrats on helping keep the mini magic alive in those little minds. Now inquiring minds want to know when you will be offering classes for the big mini folks? ;-P

    1. Hugs Madam!

      I have been asked to hold a course for the large folk actually ;P I am not sure about the timing for it though, we will see in summer *cackle*

    2. Heheheheheheheh

  2. Please please can I go to your class (begs on knees) Wow what fun lucky little things :)) I love the tiny fairy garden. Congratulations on the publication.
    Hugs Maria

  3. Clapping wildly ~ I want to be in this class !
    Yes I love fairy gardens , I can't wait to be out in the warm creating one again soon .
    Go away polar vortex , go away til next Winter will ya !

  4. What a nice way to end your hibernation! Congratulations for being published!
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Good luck with your class and congratulations on the publication.
    I love your tiny fairy garden.

  6. Yes, I'd love to join your class, Jane, either for the little ones or the big ones. ;-) I KNOW you'd be a super-fun teacher, that's for sure! Congrats again on your publication in Miniature Collector--you're awesome (high fivin' you)! Your mini fairy garden is too cute for words. I adore little red mushrooms with white spots, tiny houses, and fairy paths. Great work, and fun post! So glad to hear from you again so soon! xo Jennifer

  7. El pequeño jardín es precioso

  8. Congratulations that you have to teach. I am so sure that the children will love you and all your knowledge. You are so very skilful. Enjoy.

  9. Hi Jane,
    Congrats on being in Miniature Collector! Your work is amazing and it is so well deserved. I love that you are teaching and sharing minis with the kiddies. They are going to be thrilled and it sounds like so much fun! I hope you can post a about it and let us know how it goes. I would also love to see their creations.

  10. Love the brickwork you made for the tower. Hope to see more soon!

  11. I think it is fabulous you will be working with children to help them open their imagination to the miniature world. So exciting. Also congratulations for getting some of your wonderful creations in the magazine. Well deserved.

  12. Congratulation Jane wonderful garden! Kiss!

  13. Good luck with your class! It's wonderful you are teaching your passion of miniature to the little ones! I hope you will create wonderful future miniaturists! The mini garden is so pretty!

  14. And congrats on being featured on the collector issue!!!!

  15. That's such fun news! Children are always so captivated by fairies and gnome stories. Your tower is looking fantastic!

  16. Can I enter your class ;) I bet the kids will have a wonderful time with you as a teacher!!
    Congratulations on your publication in a magazine!
    The garden is great!

  17. Felicidades por esta nueva aventura, sus trabajos son maravillosos. Un saludo

  18. WoW, WoW, WoW!!!! Sooooooooooo.....being published???? Well done Jane!! That's a great accomplishment!!! Being asked to teach kids how to make minis???? Super WoW!!!! You must be delighted that they asked you to do that....are you??? I'm sure that all kids that will join your classes will love minis and you might be the "cause" of their new love!! Have you ever thought of doing classes online for grown up people?? I'm sure a lot of us would join!!! And, last but not least....I'm in love with that mini garden.....Too much in love with it!!!!! So cute, well done Jane!!!