May 31, 2013

Minivendorfanaticus: Tommorow is the sale

Good day good folk.

So tomorrow is the sale, I will set up my booth early in the morning and sweat under my little tent :P

I will take some nice photos of my little show tent tomorrow but I thought I would post a couple of random pictures since my brain is all scattered about.

The Flower Fairy Swing:
This is another full sculpt, I used feathers for hair and placed a shimmery wrap around her nekked parts ;)
I bent a bit of wire created a base flower from simple cloth flowers and then twisted a bit of wire for her swing.
I found this domed container on my first thrift shop mini trip yesterday and it fit the flower display perfectly.
Here are a few shots before I put her in.
Fairy Garden in a sorta
I decided to make a few simple pieces and some decorating rocks,gems shells and place them in the box to have people get inspired to do their own Planter Fairy Garden.
I will have a few mushrooms, a small bench, "lady bug" bath, watering can:
I placed this old man for Jana to look at ;P
And here I made a steampunky snail
Sorry for the jumbled post I am running around like a nutto today!
Will post some display pictures tomorrow, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!!!

May 30, 2013

2 days of ahhhhhrgggg!! CRAZY!!: Miniature Fairy Birdhouse

Good morning good folk!!!!!!

I...I am not stressed..I always had these lines in my brow and bags under my eyes *CRAZY LAUGH*

I wanted to show you one of the projects to fill my booth that I threw together upon cleaning my bins o' plenty.

The Miniature Fairy House
These are simple miniature birdhouses I picked up from the dollar bin at Joannes , its a store like Michaels/ more cloth.
As you can see they are quite small and perfect for decorating.
I had my wonderful assistant "My daughter" Paint each house a solid color and then I glued bits of moss and stick, stones, grape tendrils, a few flowers etc..
Each house is a home to one pinkie sized fairy as you can see them peeking out ;)
Each has its own hair color and variation of house
These are done very simply I created a small simple face, hand and foot in one instance.. out of polymer clay and then did a light waterdown brown paint as crease. The hair are feathers.
A lot of these items were gathered from my yard over the seasons, baked in the oven to remove "poopies" Some of the moss was discounted as well for 97 cents a bag "SCORE"
These are not meant for rain but under a covered porch they would do nicely ;)
I hope all your projects are going well...
What month are we?...I gotta get back to Holiday inc: Summer room..there are going to be a lot of "leftovers" from that...Maybe I should prepare a box
Those of you wonderful ladies that frequently comment on my little blog in the last few months are in a nice list :)*Wink*

May 26, 2013

Still working, dropped off the planet for a bit

Good morning ;)

Just letting you know that I am still working behind the scenes, I had a few days of doctor visits followed by dentist visits

...ahhhhh getting certainly slaps you in the face sometimes doesn't it?

I am having a family get together for Memorial day so big "to doo" here at the fanaticus house ;P

Then on Friday night into Saturday I got what I can only describe as the friggen plague!!

Sick/headache/body ache/ slept in bed for a whole day...I don't think it was the flu because today Sunday I am about 90% better..but it sure did kick my ass...

Anyways time to suck it up because I am going to have to be crazy for the next week just to get a tables worth of stuff.

So just wanted to show you a few pieces of the jewelry that I am still working on ;)..this part takes a bit too..chain, jump rings, claps..any ways enjoy!!!

I did a few Green Man pieces for the season I am going to do a few brooches as well. 
A few cutsie, steam punky pieces, "Hello steam punk kitty ;) Thanks again Jenny for the watch pieces <3 
A few foodie pieces :) 
I am working on earrings now, I think earrings will be the biggest sell so this might take up most of my days. 
I have a glass jar for the wood spirit and need to set a scene for her but work is ongoing ;)
Well wishes for all of you and your families !!

May 18, 2013

Fairy Lantern: Is that sunlight? how many days have I been under?

Good good noon, good folk!

I wanted to show you another display/ project I wanted to work on for some time now.

I have this little book of ideas that I write in from time to time because as you all know we have 1000 projects that would be awesome..but only two hands..and sometimes even less fingers ;P

Here is three days of work, a lot of swear words and one finished project:

Fairy Lantern
This project started with a old cheap lantern I got from Burlington coat factory about 4 years ago.
It sat outside that entire time so I had to clean it. Remove and clean the glass panels, de rust and spray the lantern and hook..yada yada..
I wanted this scene to appear as if you caught her placing decorations in her hair, I think it worked out.. there were a lot of mistakes/breaks here but in result I think she looks pretty nice.
Here is a picture before I placed her in the lantern..dark picture late last night.
I am guessing she is around half scale, I needed her to be small enough to fit in the lantern but big enough that I could ..see her *lol* gets harder each year
The wings are opalescent you cannot see this in the pictures but they do glimmer in light.
I made the chair from twigs and sticks/ grape vine tendrils from my yard.
The base of the chair and the table are just those simple puzzle pieces sanded and painted dark brown with some ferns my lovely friend Jenn sent me. (her sister esp)
Closed door
PS...Ignore the bare spots in my lawn and crap all over, I am working on it......NO NO DON'T GO BACK TO LOOK!!!..   >=)
I will show you some of the fairy garden box sets I made up next time, maybe we can do a quick tut on making wood out of clay ;)
Hope your days and projects are going well!!      a..js

May 14, 2013

Preparing for the booth: jane/ minifanaticus/ vendor

Good evening folks!

I wanted to show a few pictures of the things I am chugging along on for the Minifanaticus thing.

Its not as elegant as it seems, I am just making a few things to show and hopefully sell so this is all going to be random stuff, I am making different pieces of Jewelry, a few miniature displays and ..uhh.. well its not all thought out yet..but I am working on it ;P

So here is a piece I worked at for 5 hours yesterday, if you are in my miniatures community you might have seen the start sculpture.

This is my first full sculpt in many years but she turned out pretty nice so far. This is prosculpt over wire with paint.
6"Wood Spirit
This of course was a many bake process but they all start the same, blank body, carve shape add details to... I wanted her to appear to be dancing..leg entwined and bent up..
She is about 6 inches long I thought she might go nicely on top of a knotted wood piece will a small base maybe some ferns mushrooms etc..
She also is detailed on her back areas but I will still place her front ways
I also did a few other pieces of jewelry, created fairy garden items, started on another fairy display.. will show the lot next time.
Right now. I am working on kids pieces, you might know a few other them ;)
I hope you are all well, I am going to get outside for a few hours..then back to work with ye! ;)

May 13, 2013

Beautiful flowers of spring: Kims swap

Good morning!

I hope you all had wonderful mothers day celebrations.

I wanted to share pictures of some of these amazing and beautiful flowers that Kim over at Flowers and Art. sent off to me for our swap!

Kim is a garden gal like me, she has some amazing real life flowers in her garden to get inspiration for these amazing beauties she sent off to me.

ps..stop smelling your screen, it doesn't work like that ;)

They are so delicate and lovely the colors are just beautiful!
This globe flower pot is one of my favorites those are each individual flowers placed on there, details make a wonderful mini.
I am waiting now for my lilies to come up, but looking at this wonderful show really brings the feel of spring in full bloom ;)
This mixed flower bucket is just awesome, daffodils of course are so lovely! in many shades *wink*
And of course this gorgeous scene with the umbrella and flowers and a tiny.. tiny little birds nest, this piece is so beautiful and wonderfully made!
I want to thank you again Kim for sending my first set of gorgeous flowers! Each item you lovingly made and so beautiful!
With all these lovely friends sending me fantastic minis for Holiday Inc, now all I have to do is...start..working on it again ;P
Little bit o' love from Jennybee :) , she knows I love snails *hugggs*

May 11, 2013

Treasures from accross the world: Drora's swap

Good morning folks!

My swaps have come in and boy was I treated to some amazing and beautiful treasures ;)

Drora's package came yesterday from across the world, I love that we can share this wonderful hobby from all over our globe!

Now you all know how amazing of a miniaturist Drora is but she is also such a wonderful and thoughtful swap partner as well.

She crafted such wonderful minis for my Holiday Inc house, let me show you:

Here are a teapot, creamery jug and delicious cake for my Santa and elves to enjoy while they toil away at making toys:

Speaking of toys, Drora knew I love her little dino toys and she was wonderful enough to make me one for my Christmas room, and of course you can see this amazing dollhouse for the dollhouse.
The love attention and detail she put into this wonderful house is just amazing! Look at how tiny the flowers are in the corner! Wonderful!
She also sent me this wonderful set for the downstairs shop a beautiful jewelry display and amazing jewelry box that opens! Wow!
Now I will show you two of my absolute favorite items, and for me here in the woods this really is a example of across the sea.
Miss sweet amazing Drora crafted these miniature shell boxes and displays for me, and they are just beyond beautiful.
I am a bit jealous of the craft, lady ship here :P as it is not only so beautiful to look at but amazingly put together.
Drora, honey...sweet amazing lady! Thank you so much for being a wonderful mini friend from across the world! I will honor your gifts and cherish them!
Tomorrow I will show you Kim's fantastic flowers!!!!

May 8, 2013

3 weeks of crazy time..again: Jane/vendor/minifanaticus

Good evening folks!

I hope you are all well and have projects planned, mini or macro ;)

I have decided to join another little vendor event around my area. I live near a pretty famous community for artists and creators and we always have a craft fair/ community event going in where local artists and store owners can join in...even small scale ones like myself ;P

So I have started working on a few items for this little event. I figured I would sell jewelry, characters, 1:6th scale items for the kids barbies/monster high stuff < this is pretty popular> and fairy garden supplies and sets.

Then I thought I would streamline most of this to be mostly fairy based. The event is June of course I am back at the minitable with miniitis of the fingers and spine ;P

I thought I would post a picture or two of the things I am making over the next few weeks, and maybe I will post a nice little tutorial on some garden fairy supplies.

'For now here are the start process of a few fairies peeking from leaves/ pendants..more work to be done..

Talk soon ;)

May 4, 2013

A daffodil of a diffrent color: EDIT: Janes not flower scientist!

Greetings good folks, I hope you are getting some sun and greenery as I am.

EDIT: I uhh think drora is right these are a mix of Narcissus ?  haha well enjoy anyways!

I know tis' the season in mini land to start making daffodils. I do see your standard yellow daffodil in a lot of mini reproductions. These are my spring flowers.

If anyone wants large or detailed/ back shoots send me a email and I will get you some details for your reproductions. Enjoy!