Mar 13, 2015

The Log Mansion: Bloggin and Loggin!

Good day good folk!

I thought I would do a little update on log cabin I am working on for my customer..(now on referred to Ms. K ;) )

Ms. K suggested the title of this post ..lots of loggin' lately!
I have been cutting log siding over the last few days and fitting them to the front wall of the bottom floor. As you can see I've taped them together quickly for the show:

The issue with any pieced dollhouse like this is when using lines, siding, stone.. you have to make sure that they will match up once the house is glued together. 

Lucky enough Leonards dollhouses are just absolute precision pieces. So there is not much doubt on how it will fit together the dry fit is as perfect as the glue will be!

But with logs they had to be clamped a bit for them to adhere. So each wall has to be fitted and then i laid the first log to make sure the siding line matched.

So the overall front panel of the separate windows and face have a even siding line:

Here is the wood flooring, you can see its cut along the bay windows. For this floor I am using a wood strip sheet that I lined and cut for lay lines.

Ms. K wanted a older stone base for the house, after gluing the base I set about creating a paperclay stone foundation under the deck.

I decided to use a reverse mold pattern for this build. While paperclay stonework is not so difficult for rough stones. This type of foundation has mortar and the stones are set into the face:

So instead of doing individual stones and smoothing the lines I thought doing a mold with the stones poking through the line would be the smart and simple solution.

Instead of doing a line of stoness, then doing a mold.. I found a technique that I used on my Elven Bowyer by creating a stamp mold from polymer clay.

I flattened a line of scrap clay and dented the flat line with some lumpy stone indentations. Easily done with scrap wood for this look. My stones are rotated wooden ends. 

Once I baked my stamp mold, I simply pressed the paperclay into the mold and adhered it to the base

With a bit of pressing about you can see there is no "repeated pattern" And the application for this was very quick and effective!

I will do a bigger post on reverse molding methods at another time, I know a few of you might be drooling at this technique already ;P

Hugs and well wishes to you all, keep crafting!

Mar 1, 2015

The Log Mansion: Big project for small things 1:24th

Good day good folk of the globe!  Its still winter here...forever.. so ..*sigh*

I thought I would start to share a bit of one of the big projects I have set up for the next couple of months for a wonderful customer.

The Log Mansion in 1:24th

Now technically it is supposed to be a cabin, but through the magic of auto cad modification and photo shop fun we now have a amazing luxury cabin mansion base provided by Laser Dollhouses

The Alisha Country Dollhouse as you can see is a laser cut beauty with amazing trim work and details galore!..I like that name *wink*

I have already started some of the base work. I am figuring where to extend walls and flooring placement. 

This is my table work top... the house dimensions are 24w X 12d X 19h so its a big 1:24th with plenty of room to play...

You can see the details of the trim and doors here. All of Leonard's Dollhouses are just amazing quality and the details are stunning 

Etched stone on the fireplace, mantel detailed trims 

My customer has a wonderful back story for her dream cabin and we are working together to make that come to fruition.

Here are some examples of the inspiration pieces that will drive the construction:

My photo play ;)

Y beams and railing for the deck

Stone fireplace off the side

Cross beams, stone, slope
The overall look

I hope you enjoy the ride with me on this adventure into log cabin dreams!

Winter storm hugs!