Mar 1, 2015

The Log Mansion: Big project for small things 1:24th

Good day good folk of the globe!  Its still winter here...forever.. so ..*sigh*

I thought I would start to share a bit of one of the big projects I have set up for the next couple of months for a wonderful customer.

The Log Mansion in 1:24th

Now technically it is supposed to be a cabin, but through the magic of auto cad modification and photo shop fun we now have a amazing luxury cabin mansion base provided by Laser Dollhouses

The Alisha Country Dollhouse as you can see is a laser cut beauty with amazing trim work and details galore!..I like that name *wink*

I have already started some of the base work. I am figuring where to extend walls and flooring placement. 

This is my table work top... the house dimensions are 24w X 12d X 19h so its a big 1:24th with plenty of room to play...

You can see the details of the trim and doors here. All of Leonard's Dollhouses are just amazing quality and the details are stunning 

Etched stone on the fireplace, mantel detailed trims 

My customer has a wonderful back story for her dream cabin and we are working together to make that come to fruition.

Here are some examples of the inspiration pieces that will drive the construction:

My photo play ;)

Y beams and railing for the deck

Stone fireplace off the side

Cross beams, stone, slope
The overall look

I hope you enjoy the ride with me on this adventure into log cabin dreams!

Winter storm hugs!


  1. I like your project. The house is fabulous.

  2. It's super beautiful! I'm sure you'll have fun working on this project and I'll be following with pleasure your progress.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. es un proyecto fantastico y seguro que tu clienta estara mas que contenta con el resultado , estoy deseando ver los avances en esa preciosa casita



  4. It's going to be gorgeous if your hand is in it, Jane! Love the photos--wow! I can hardly wait to see the next bits you do on it--fun! xo Jennifer

  5. That is going to be a dream cabin just as your customer wants it! As Jen said, being in your hands there are no doubts it will be something special!, looking forward to see more!

  6. Oh dear, this is truely a gorgeous house, Jane, what beauty one can achieve with a laser cutter, I absolutely love all of the details :D! I'm sure you will work with lots of pleasure on this wonderful project, there will be a very lucky customer ;)!
    Can't wait to see more, have fun whilst working on it!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. ooooh! :D Marvelous cabin!

  8. Your customer came to the right adress... no doubt about it! This is going to be so much fun, I'm really looking forward to see your progress with this wonderful kit and how you're going to make all those photoshop visions reality... And I can't help it - what a beautiful name for this kit... ;O)


  9. Wonderful house I also love the name of the kit :D This is going to be a very interesting project to follow I cant wait. Your pictures are fantastic.
    Hugs Maria

  10. Hi Jane, It is such a beautiful kit, such great details as you mention! I'm looking forward to watching your progress. I'm sure you will be so inspired work on such a lovely kit. Mini Hugs, Jean

  11. That is definitely a beautiful project! I'd love to see it grow into the gorgeous cabin mansion your customer has envisioned. :)

  12. It's too gorgeous! Tad bit envious, looks like so much fun to work on and not have to worry about a space for it :D Super cloudy here in Ireland, haven't seen the sun in...well, years :D

  13. Es una casa maravillosa, y en esa escala tan pequeña tiene que ser una gozada!

  14. Aww, I'm already jealous of your customer. I just know that this will be an epic project and I'm looking forward to watching your progress. Love the idea of the stone chimney. Enjoy and stay warm =0)

  15. Wow...
    Your client is a very lucky lady, Jane. Can't wait to follow what you do!
    Hugs back at you!

  16. Va a ser un gran proyecto . Será un placer ver su progreso.

  17. The house is wonderful but it's so small !!! I've never worked with this scale and are very curious to see the result!

  18. What a gorgeous house. I look forward to following progress.

  19. Hello Jane,
    what a terrific project. The house is beautiful and so rich in detail. I can't wait to see how you transform it.
    big hug,

  20. Jane! this is gonna be soooooooo amazing :)

  21. Hi Jane! You have already outlined some great changes for this kit. I shall be continuously tuned in to the progress of this log cabin.
    Also thank you for providing the link. I had never heard of this company before, so I am eager to see what else they have in stock.
    Happy "One 24th-ing", Alisha! :D


  22. Wow! Laser cut dollhouses looks like so much fun! I never seem to find those here in Sweden. Building a dollhouse like this looks so much fun I just have to do it one day.
    I never seen a house in this scale in real life before (I'm terrible at realizing how big something is just by looking at pictures) =)
    I do like the name too =) And the details on the window looks amazing!! I have always loved log cabins, I wish I had a big one for myself =)
    I'm super exited to see more of this!!

  23. Great detail in the kit! I can't wait to see your finished cabin... err.. mansion. It will be beautiful!

  24. Fantastic project! You're right the detail in this kit is awesome. I had no idea a kit could have so much precise detail. I'm ready for Spring here! I think it's finally here in Texas. Back in the 60s after this nasty snow surprise.