Feb 12, 2016

I got to start writing again..uhhhh....blogity blog blogger... bleh...

I am sick of winter already, we've barely had any but I am sick of it.. I have not written on my blog, I know....

I come here open up the new post tab, then drool on myself for about 10 mins.. then I stare out the window and sigh in hopes for spring and greenery.. Did I mention I was already sick of winter?

Then I though Ok Jane, get back to writing and maybe combine your need for spring with the writing and then I was all like....Ok I am rambling to get this post done.....

Anywhooooo...Lets make something for spring and talk about it over the next couple of weeks shall we?   Key words to follow here will be Crap, Scrap, and junk bin

Potting Benches
I love old reclaimed things, potting benches or tables for work always make me think on renewing and greenery.

I like that these pieces are compiled of different bits and scraps, a old window or adding boards here and there.. just using old scrap!

I thought to myself, well I am Jane Scrapbin Mcgee! I got stuffs!!!

So I started with a old pile of crap table ..(geesh Jane..harsh) ...i've tried to rehab several times, then I added a few scrap pieces from various laser cut builds and a small foot board deal.

I painted the entire glued piece with some black paint so that once we layer it the scuffed parts will show darker underneath.

Eww craptacular...

I then slathered on some white paint (with the dainty hands of a ogre).. a few dabs of yellow and tan to give it a aged white paint look.

Ooo scrapotentialus

I then scruffed the dried piece about the edges and gouged corners with soft sanding pad to unveil the black paint underneath. This gives it a shabby, reclaimed and weathered look that..I think you might know I like to do ;)

Less scrap more..fab? 

Then I ran some more watered down brownish paint about the edges and surfaces to replicate rain water and weathering to make it ready for decorating.


Obviously we have to do a lot more with this..its needs plants and soil and moss and seeds and butterflies and frogs ...

I just don't know if I am going to want it when its done..I wonder if I could find it a good home when were done with it? *wink*


  1. I am sure there would be plenty of people willing to take in such a lovely homeless potting bench. :D

  2. I have spring fever here too. Love how you've channeled yours into something creative. Maybe you'll inspire me to crea... SQUIRREL!!!

    ...Ahem. What was I... oh, yes! I have a craptacular table too. I may have to give it the Minifanaticus touch. Also, expect a post from me soon (finally), where I'll be revealing the new home for my wonderful rotten apples! ;)

  3. Love..... you are so mini fantasiculous.... my friend the Queen of Genius

  4. Your potting bench has turned out magically wonderful. I love how you aged it. Great to see a post from you :))
    Hugs Maria

  5. Me encanta como has restaurado y envejecido la mesa. Muy bonita.
    Estoy contigo en la tristeza que inspira el invierno. Tengo ganas de ver el sol y el colorido de la primavera.

  6. Hi Jane! Well it appears that you were saving up your "bloggitty blog" words for a Terrific Post like this one! Your ingenuity is JUST THE TICKET for us Spring Starved folks who are also sick of winter!
    I LOVE your new/ old potting bench- you're sooooo Scrapin Smart! :D


  7. Ha Ha.... Winter is just finally Arriving here.... *Sob*... your bench does look SOOOoooo inspiring!!! I have an old bench.... I have never mastered the worn and shabby look.... but maybe if I just take long enough to get around to it... maybe Time will have managed the trick for me! LOL! Yes, we are fed up with Winter and Spring sounds like Heaven!

  8. Hi Jane! I love to read your blog post, I'm a bit in the same mood as you are ;D! No spring?? Well, make spring for yourself in miniature :D!
    Your potting bench looks so inspiring and fab. I'm sure there will be someone out there who will love to have one like this. Great work!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. ese mueble te ha quedado precioso , ahora solo falta que lo llenes con mas de tus maravillas



  10. Your potting bench looks amazing. Great work!

  11. Hello Jane,
    Hang in there...winter will be over before you know it! The bench is pure, unadulterated awesomeness! I love the finish and it looks like a very upscale piece. Well done!
    Big hug

  12. Hello Jane,
    I love your bench! Looks great!
    I´ll go to make spring in mini too. Outside it´s raining.
    Let´s make spring. Great idea.
    Greeetings and a big hug

  13. This is so funny... I've just finished Gertie's potting table (well, I'm always a little ahead in RL with my projects... *grin*). If you'd been earlier to show your sracptabulous table mine... eh... Gertie's might have become shabby white too. I'm in awe with your aging skills - the table looks stunning and I can't wait to see what minifantasticus stuff you're going to use for decoration. Butterflies and frogs sound sooooo promising to me! ;O) Btw - I wanted to ask you something: Are you sick of winter too??? Count on me to join the Club Of Sufferers From Winter! *LOL*


  14. Felicidades el mueble se vé muy hermoso. un abrazo, Marisa

  15. I think Spring is here. So you can probably start the party. We saw the geese flying back north yesterday. So it must be so because those birds know everything! LOL!
    The potting bench already looks amazing! You could stop right there and I'd be already totally in love with it. ;)