Feb 20, 2016

The Potting Bench: Plants in old pots

Good day fine folk of the world wide!

I thought I would continue with the Potting Bench and discuss the plants that I've started.

To start, I painted some simple wooden pot shapes brown, the goal here is to create aged and weathered pots like the bench.

I then covered that with a yellowish white globbing of paint.

I scuffed the edges and random spots with a nail file to remove the upper layer then added some white soft brushing and a bit of watered down brown to "stain" the pots.

I have purchased some paper wrapped wire from The Miniature Garden ..Georgie is a fabulous lady doing incredible plant kits I highly suggest a look at her Etsy store!

Adding a bit of foam in the holes, some tea grounds for dirt and a few random stems to the pots to prepare them for leaves and flowers.

If you remember my previous post on using your paper cutting stamps and re-cutting thats is what I did here for leaves, No need to purchase more if you can alter what you have ;)

I added random patterns to the stems, some flowersoft foam and created my version of vines and plants. I am not as skilled in flower and plant making as Ilona so I don't even try to replicate actual plants! I just Minifanatisize them..

I will do some touch ups and maybe add more leaves but that is a good start!

So for now our little bench sits in the fake sun awaiting warmer days, just like a lot of us ;)


  1. Tienen un aspecto estupendo, aunque no sean reproducciones exactas

  2. I Love your pots made from wood turnings!!! I have a whole bag full of those... much like yours... but never thought to make them into "ceramic" pots! And your plant leaves made from the parts of other punchings is Brilliant! I Have no excuse now..... Plants should spring from my worktable...! Yours look just like some of my old houseplants! Thanks for sharing your methods!

  3. Your pots and plants look great! I love your creative "out of the box" crafting.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Hi Jane! Your pots looks like ceramics and are wonderful. And your plants are well made too, yes, the making plants/flowers can be a time consuming job.... ;)!
    I can imagine that you're longing for spring, Jane, me too. Here, we didn't have a real winter, but so much rain, storm and very dark days, I have had more than enough of it :(!!
    Thank you for the link to my blog, but regarding to my skills: too much honor. I've got this talent in life and I hope to use it and to improve my technique every time just a bit more..... I think that we are never too old to learn new things, isn't it ;)!?
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Your pots and plants are wonderful.

  6. What a stunning method to create the pots - they look truly weathered and like having spent at least one unpleasant winter on the bench. And the plants they're hosting are awesome... and realistic, too. To me personally it's okay if I try to create a plant and in the end anyone can notice that it's intended to be a plant... and this is already a lot of work. *grin* So I am totally in awe with your results... and very curious to see what will find a place on this fabulous potting bench next.


  7. Hello Jane,
    Those are terrific. I love the aged finish on the pots...it looks amazing. You have so much talent. Everything looks so realistic and so beautiful. Well done!
    Big hug

  8. Hello Lady Jane! I have to say that your conversion of the potting bench with the added potted plants using standard punches, for me has the WOW factor! I am so stoked by your ingenuity and am anxious to give your pots and plants a try. Beautiful Work Ms.Mini Fan-Tasticus! :D


  9. Your pots and plants are awesome. I love how you make things work and look amazing. Fantastic work and thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.
    Hugs Maria

  10. Привет Джейн!
    Замечательная работа! Стол выглядит очень старым и потертым! Цветы чудесные!
    Я тоже жду весну. Холодный дождь очень надоел. Так хочется тепла и солнца!!! Завтра последний день зимы!!!! Это так радует!!!

  11. Fantastisch, vielen dank für die Anleitung. VLG Birgit und
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag

  12. Che meraviglia, sono stupendi!