Treetop Creature Shop 2013

Here is my 2nd place winner entry for Greenleafs 2013 Spring Fling:

Treetop Creature Shop

Video Tour

Lots of Photos

Everything in this build was handmade, refur'bashed dollar store furniture or balsa wood. Homeade paper clay and some papier-mâché..Obviously all the creatures are polymer clay..*shocker*.. and a lot of bits and pieces are from swaps and gifts from you friends around the world.

You will see a lot of the sneak peeks are pieces that I though I should focus on since they are sooooo small ;P... on the table made by gal pal Jenny

Other pieces you would never see unless I point them out or you see it in person. Jana sent me this amazing shelf and books that I decorated and incorporated into the build

A few of you gals have seen parts of the creations and know of my dedication and struggle via a few jokes ;P

Ok so on with the show ...these are scenes from decoration and finishing some construction.................

Michaels refur'bashed hutches..more in future posts 

A assembly of findings from Mary!  

Leather book 

Shelf and book by Jana 

resin bottles remade 

Dragon eggs

tree dude 


the rat 

Cages provided by my gal pal Jen! 
Golden Goose 

Demon Cat 

Frog dude 

Alchemy Supplies


Tree creature 

Triple thick water splashes 

The Phoenix! 

Links to work in stages:

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  1. Just saw your you tube of this tree house. Amazing! I love every bit of it. I get the OOAK thing :-) but o my, what a beautiful little dragon. Especially like the phoenix... outstanding, all of it really!
    Think I will stick around for a while and get acquainted with all the inhabitants :-)