Apr 10, 2015

The Log Mansion: Staining, Trimming..Stone!

Good day good folks!

How has your spring/summer/fall going? We are just sitting in a weeks long rain, cold...crap. I hear there may be days of close to 65f / 18c... wow thanks nature..

Any way, lets do a update shall we?

I completed the alterations of the house by bumping out one wall to the edge of the kit and then creating a small mud room off the kitchen area. Stained the logs.More trim will need to be added.

The deck was scored into 12ft @ Halfscale 6 inch boards the deck is very large so going with a long board looked the best for this style. There will be a porch and railings. Ive created a base color on the paperclay foundation: 

The interior gave me some trouble: At first I attempted to create a flat pine siding via scoring like the deck but the wood grain would not allow for this. So the second option was a plaster and wood look that you see in more modern cabins. For this house it will be rustic and modern so the mix will work. 

I did a flagstone floor in the kitchen and mudroom. You can see the wood floors, and some of the trim/windows are being placed. Its so wet here the drying times on the stain/paint etc are taking a bit longer but I'm on schedule. 

The wood tone on the interior is a nice Carmel brown color. 

You can see there is quite alot of room in this great kit, even at this scale. 1:24th

This floor was created with paper clay then "grouted" and sealed since we need a level floor for the kitchen.

What do I mean in this scale? Well let thumb buddy show you. Here is thumb buddy on the stone fireplace..

You can see thumb buddy on the stone floor 
Here is thumb buddy on the wood floor 

More work to be done!

I hope your all keeping crafty or at least enjoying nice weather!!!