Undersized Urbanite 2014


I made this 1:24th foam core building from my daughters scraps..its dented and used has seen some days..

You can see the floors from the side.
Here is the riddle from the hobbit to describe the build:
"This thing all things devours:
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;

Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountain down"
The answer is what will shape this build, more to come ;)
Did you guess the answer? TIME
My kick around idea will be to use visual effects to time degrade this building and add a living space lost in time. It will be all trials and testing methods and products ..and of course I haven't figured it all out...but so far
I have created the foam building in a replica of my holiday Inc house. I made a batch of what I call homeade gesso cement...yeah yeah ..like toiletpaperclay
Grey Paint

 This has been layered over last night and tonight a couple of times to get a base coat which I will apply wear and tear to...
I did some more coating and started to paint the surface with layers of dark grey, medium and light grey.
I added this little broken floor piece by layering leftover foam
then covered it with my gesso cement mix and added layers of speckle paint
adding more layers to replicate wear and tear and age...

I have added some broken windows and metal blinds to the safe room
blinds are made of carboard that has been spray painted with a hammer metal then covered several times with layers of rust and lichen and dirt
the broken glass is simply plastic and paint smearing
I created this set of broken metal stairs form thin carboard, spray painted with a texture paint then hammered metal,, then rust dirt ..etc..
More work to be done..painting safe room and plants next I think.
I played around with overgrowth a bit..its starting to get groovy :)
More overgrowth play, mossing, plants
Sunny spots 

I unfortunately had to just stop working on the Undersized Urbanite contest. Although I did want to do more detail work with the build I decided it is as done as it is going to get for now.

So the entire build was done with scraps..I do like refurbishing my leftovers... but for this build particularly, new items were not suitable.

Foam Board: Building and broken cement pieces, mattress.
A type of homemade cement paste: Paint, sand, glue
Acrylic paints
Fake plant clippings at the bottom of my Bin O' Plenty: Fauna
The dabs of Rail Road foam: Moss and lichen
Plastic sheeting from consumer packaging: Broken windows
Wire clippings: Power line, Barrel BBQ
Jewelry jump rings and chain: Pull chain for floor seal.
Clay failures and basket failed weaves..
Cardboard tube and tape: BBQ Drum
Tongue depressors: Shelving
Free Printies from Jens Printable's
Reduced images from web.

Whatever else I had on my floor that was about to be vacuumed up..but I wanted to make sure I couldn't re-use..because its all good stuff... I ...I ..I am a craft hoarder...I admit it.

So the idea for this whole build was on the backs of a project I have wanted to do since I first got into creating miniatures scenes. Apocalyptic scenery..

***********I had to just quickly snap some shots here, they wont be very pretty but that is fine since the goal was to participate and I did !*********

As you will see this is a decaying building in which a resident decided to try to shelter in place but as you know......
time makes fools of us all......Enjoy!

Thanks for having a looksee ~J


  1. Looks so cool!! You are just great =)

  2. WOW!! What can I say?? Whatever you make comes out always fantastic! Great job Jane!

  3. I love this last shot!!! Can't wait to see more. :D

  4. What a cool idea Jane! Great job, love the concept and you very much brought it to life (death?).

    1. Thank you April ;) It was great practice for geeking out on other things ;P

  5. This is great Jane!! The dead body just tops it off!! :)