Aug 27, 2014

Printiefanaticus: You asked for books

Good day good folk!

I am going to upload my fist set of files here for printings, book covers are the easiest of the bunch.

This one has random full book covers, some switch out faces, magazines a few dvd and blue ray covers.

I would suggest snatching them up quick before I get a cease and desist order, I am not selling these, I do not suggest you try to sell them, I do not know whose they are by author, I just shrunk a bunch of them down for hobbyists to use in their personal displays..

I will be creating some original content in the next few weeks for my store and for free use but for now lets look at my cupcake cookbook for example.

While of course you can create full books with interior pages, there are tutorials for this everywhere... I am going to show you simple ways to use these book covers for your displays and gifts.

Bookcovers Link
I suggest you download the page and print and full size

So lets take our big sheet o' printies and choose my cupcake book.. There are many different types of paper and card stock out there so use what you prefer. I have used a 110 lb paper for this.

Most paper print folks will tell you to cut out your printies with a sharp razor for the cleanest lines..I cut mine with a scissor  because I am a rebel. Using a good quality flat edged tweezers for folding would also help..but I lost fail..

While you can fill your books with pages, for simple quick display books you can use scraps of wood or packaging cardboard, cereal boxes..etc

I decided to use a scrap of balsa wood, fold the book around the wood to get a idea of the width and size. Cut a clean piece for the interior.

You can see with using wood it already looks like pages without adding details..ignore the messy fingers they are covered in glue ;P

You can score lines in the wood with your razor around the edges to simulate stacked pages, you could also paint the filler with white, gold etc to simulate different page styles.

This method is very simple but effective for large displays of stacked books or using on a prep board. You could fancy it up by adding a liner to the inside or simply coloring the interior of the book edges with a marker.

...see the author?


Aug 22, 2014

Jane's requestaprintie: aka..jane make more printies..dammit

Good morning fine folks of the world around!

Today I am making a quick post to let you know I am still here lurking and planning. I was thinking on maybe doing another video tutorial or making some downloads available and I know printies are quite popular.

So I thought I would let you folks request a printable mini of your choice.
I will attempt to create whatever product is hard to find or mini versions of things you think up.

If you are building a shop I will personalize some bags/boxes with your logo or name.
If you want a product from your country you want/need in miniature
If you need a scaled version of flooring or wall paper.
Theme / Holiday printies......Jane I want more..this type..

Leave me a note in the comments about what you are looking for, products, colors and sizes and I will work on them over the next couple of weeks.

September we will do a Fall mini giveaway and maybe we will plan something fun/big for the winter session.

Happy Crafting!!

Aug 15, 2014

I am a terrible blog buddy: Seasons change

Good day fine folks!

I have been a terrible blog buddy these last couple of months but like a lot of us my summer has been macro life busy!

The season here has started to be on the verge of fall, each night and morning it feels a bit colder and the crickets are chirping away. I even saw a few yellow leaves about. My daughter will be starting 2nd grade this year and she of course grew out of every last stitch of clothing so shopping for everything has commenced!!

I have been working a bit behind the scenes on minis, mostly for Etsy since that is the only time I really have for it lately. When my little one goes back to school I will have more time to work on the miniatures build and other interesting projects ;)

For now here is a piece that this seasonal change has inspired

I have yet to send out my gift packages I have promised to a few folks..I did say I am a terrible blog buddy.. but I will be doing that this next week.  After that maybe we will have a mini-giveaway to reign in the fall season.

Hope all your mini builds are going well, hugs and well wishes to you all!