Feb 28, 2013

Why is it every time: Ouch..pinky's are useless

Why is it every time I have a lot of work to do... and I am right handed.. and my left hand is useless..and I am trying to get things done under a certain amount of time..That I split my thumb tip open?

Why is it never the pinky?

I think I am going to start to learn how to grasp things with my pinky for the next week that way, when I am really in trouble and only have a few hours to finish something that it's the damn pinky that earns its keep on my hand..

What does this pinky think? Its just going to hang out pointing up every time I have a cup of tea?

As I am typing this, my pinky's are just popped out to the sides looking all dainty and snobby, like they don't have to hit the "dirty keys" as I type..

These darn useless things just sat there as the other "working fingers" applied ointment to my hard working, worn out thumb.

Anywayysssssss............I made this short poem with the fingers I have left, that would be 7 because pinky's are useless...
I like blue, don't you?

Feb 25, 2013

Two weeks of crazy time: and a new friend

Good Morn'in!

My daughter loves fairies, So we are going to have a small fairy themed birthday party. A lot of hand crafting here. I though of flowers and vines hanging down, fairy table.. cutting out fairy's and having them fly around the celling "fishing line" This may be interesting to try because my living room has a 22ft ceiling at the peak..lots of string *lol*

I love this fairy table picture as inspiration, but we will have to see what my outcome would be..not the same..

I  will have a polymer clay table for the girls to each create their own necklace, I was thinking cupcakes or hearts where they can press some metal designs in, I am going to start making a few canes for them to play around with.

My daughters rainbow cake necklaces and charms are a big hit with the girls at school so I am making a few pieces as gifts.

I will be working on this for the next two weeks, I'll post a few pictures for those that would like to see more about "Janes macro skills" less micro.
Also Mr. bunny was looking sad so I made him a friend ;)
Yes..yes.. that is a bunny in a Easter bonnet
See you soon..ish

Feb 22, 2013

Quick question: The hidden meaning 2..not so hidden this time *wink*

SO my question is............

You think there are going to be a lot of Easter giveaways??

My friend here says ...sniffle.. sniffle boing.. boing.. but I am not sure if I should listen to him since he is all hopped up on chocolate.

I guess we will just watch him and see where he goes with it ;) *wink*

Feb 20, 2013

Bakery Box Update: and..remember the icefluberg?

Good evening folks!

Soooo remember a few weeks ago I was rambling and laughing about eggs and crazy things?

Well that iceberg filled with flu finally docked with my face...HA who sounds crazy now????..er well I still do, but my crazy thoughts have been validated with me having been one of the living dead for the last 4 days.

Ever see that show walking dead? Go ahead look it up, ill wait..................

Any waysss.. I figured it all out now!!!..those poor folks just have the flu.  I have never moaned so much....never mind.. the husband might read this.....

 Back to the bakery box we go..hi ho...wow cold meds...you see that monkey in the rafters?


I felt a bit better yesterday and today so of course, MINI TIME!

I decided to buy more scrapbook paper and change the backs to the furniture a bit, more greens. (sidenote) I am hiding paper from my friends and family, I have plans for it all.. :)

I added some wall paper and floors to the display and started placing the furniture and a few of the mini goodies on display.

I am going to use that cupcake scrapbook paper to do a few framed pictures and display art items. I am terrible at cutting frames in life scale, so this should be fun <sarcasm>

Thanks for reading my brainflu ramblings, excuse me know while I go cough up my lung ;)

Feb 13, 2013

Sweets: a new respect for you mini foodmakers

I haven't even really started making the sweets for this bakery and my back hurts and my fingers are dry clayed out.

I do have a new appreciation for those of you who commit yourselves to the mini food side of  this hobby. While I make the occasional food piece for people who request it, its not a ball of fun for me.

We refer to it as baking in miniature, it really is isn't it? Triple baking at points..

Well its a start.. good thing I have three weeks left before the big reveal. At this rate I'm lucky if I can make a damn dozen of anything ;P

I did try something new here with the muffins, loaf and glaze:

I used our min jars of micobeads from the dollar store: mixed in a bit of the clay and in some glaze to simulate small berries. It was a quick and simple use that seemed to work out nicely, try it ;)

Feb 11, 2013

Bakery Window Box: addicted to scrapbook paper?

Good morning!

Last night I worked a bit more on the bakery display furniture. I have to admit that my preference for style leans towards the minimalist modern. My house is all earth tones browns and pretty plain as for a layout.

This is because I :

a: cannot decorate, I don't know how
b: don't understand why you cannot have a brown floor and brown furniture and brown rugs...
c: am not very girly

I have accepted this, but having a very girly, frilly daughter makes you look up terms like shabby chic, girly glam and dazzle design.

So where does a earth tones gal like me look to inspiration after looking up wiki?

Scrapbook Paper... and I may now be addicted to it.

You can see some of the patterns I have used in the furniture here:

I love the fact that on one piece of paper you can get seven different looks, designs, pieces etc..I have used this bakery paper before when wrapping boxes for food jewelry. I figure I will cut pieces and layer it as signs and pictures/art for the wall

I also have added a few pieces of trim to the furniture and added the scrapbook paper as wallpaper backing for the display.
You can see a few cake "blanks" that have yet to be decorated.

work continues.. maybe I will go look for more paper...I can stop anytime I want..I just... don't want to..

Feb 8, 2013

My daughters 6th Birthday: Our first window box

Greetings mini folk!

My daughter will be turning 6 in March and I have been thinking on what to make for her. My daughter loves these things: Pink...cake...pink cakes..pink cupcakes..eating pink cupcakes..

I am sure most of you moms know, when you start creating mini items, if you little one is around you better think on making two..because....

"Mom can I have a ____ like that" ;)

So my daughter loves the mini cakes, cupcakes and girly pink things.
Bakery Window box
As you can see I have started with some of the 10 Michael's hutches we have all collected . I created matching furniture with balsa wood and tongue depressors < shocker Jane>
I did the shabby..kinda look..  guess I call it girly but I did want the dented repainted look.
Since this will be a window box and not a full scale item, I based the rest of the display shelves on the hutch and a paper template to get the basic fit for the entire shop.
A lot of cakes and cupcakes to be made.. a lot of printies, signs etc..
And of course I have to be pretty sneaky..stealth box, hidey hands ;P
Wish me luck..oh were about to be hit with 2 feet of snow.

Feb 4, 2013

Honorable mentions, Hello new readers, and a new blog for you.

Greetings Folks:

I realize I have not said greetings to the new readers that have joined my little blog here. Sorry about that, I don't always do the standard blogger thing ;P

Hello new readers!!!!
I will add the new batch of blogs at the bottom of this post so please have a look at the list and maybe you folks can find some more mini friends through the links ;)  Add your info to comments and I will add to the list!

Also, greetings to all you fine folks on the Miniatures Community wow! We are almost at 60 members in that group ;).............Keep the circle growing !

I wanted to mention of few of the Giveaways you can now find to the right of the page here:

Jazzi is having a birthday giveaway on her blog http://www.jazziminis.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/birthday-giveaway.html  What is she giving away you might ask? .....pure awesomeness ;)

Drora of http://drorasminimundo.blogspot.com/2013/01/500-followers-giveaway.html has offered up one of her amazing creations to followers of her blog.

Wyrna of http://afairytalecometruewyrna.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-new-giveaway.html?showComment=1357401418571#c5433046872367871546 is having another giveaway on her blog, this lady has done it again in creating amazing and beautiful!

Jane of minifanaticus is going to have a... ....uhh... peep....yum....ooo pretty colors.. boing!! *wink*


A blog for you: