Oct 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

From my family to yours, have a safe, happy and slightly haunted Halloween!

Or should I have said Scrappy Halloween?..yes scraps and specs from the bottom of the bin ;P


Oct 20, 2014

Prepping for the fair..again!! : Pictures and maybe inspiration for you!

Hello fine folks of the frosty lands!

Well and the warm ones... if its warm near you..just happens to be frosting early mornings here now, leaves have fallen, sticks are showing and we are in transition and heading towards the winter solstice!

I thought I would show a couple shots of some of the clay work I am jumping about..yes..nothing is finished but I work well while going with what inspires me.

Now none of these things are particularly original, people have been covering boxes and doing polymer clay jewelry for many years but for me its about bringing miniatures and polymer clay work into the light for some people who might not have seen these types of crafts or maybe to spark some of that creativity.

Remember people, when making your world a better place, start at home in your community! I complained for so many years about people not having my interests here where I lived, without thinking that maybe Janes got to get her ass on the dance floor first... and see who will come do the chicken dance!...er well you know what I mean ;)

Ok enough blabbing I got to get back to the work table!!

These boxes I got from Michaels for about a dollar each I am doing mixed media clay work adding some of the fairy garden leftovers as accent pieces and dabbing bits of scrap clay about.
I am doing a variety of styles on these cute, elaborate, theme and nature inspired.

I am working on this piece now I was thinking a path in a Forrest I have to make a bunch of little leaves to go about maybe some toadstools..

I did a few pieces of food jewelry, I will be doing some standard charms and things like this for people to browse through.

There is more... but for now that is good I think, I would really urge you folks who have stack of clay to create some of these types boxes for gifts, maybe a cupcake necklace for the little ones..just to play a bit! It is a nice change of skill and helps you to create even when your miniature thoughts stall.

Here is a gift I sent off for a friend, but this would make a wonderful Thanksgiving necklace I thought!

And this little guy I created was to help me keep crafting when I was so sick of crafting boxes..but after him I was inspired to keep working ;)

I hope all of your lives are well and inspired!

Oct 5, 2014

1:12th scale printable: Swapping with Ms. E

Good afternoon good folk of the good earth!

I hope you are all being crafty and planning little bitty things for the season! I am working on my many projects and items for the fair.

One of the things I wanted to do this year was have a handy little printout to show the different scales available for building with. I am also going to be bringing a 1:12th 1:24th and 1:48th piece of furniture as a little display piece for people to have a gander at.

Now I will first have a disclaimer..this is just random shots I found on the web no links to whom and it is simply to get a general idea of 1:12th scale. I did not measure everything on the page down to the cm so this guide is just a quick example for people to get eye scale down before they get into the exact science of 1:1 scale.

I am sure there are many wonderful books about that will give you better examples and measurements but this guide I think ...is pretty accurate

So print from my link here: 1:12th scale examples

On the top it will say print, and a box will pop up from the left that will let you set "margins" to "none" Also remove the header and footer option by unclicking.

After you print the sheet check the ruler to yours and make sure it printed to correct scale. Let me know if your folks have any issues with it..if its off.. so on.. and I will fix it..

I wanted to share a picture of the item me and the fabulous Ms. E of http://studioeminiatures.blogspot.com swapped. I think we decided it was simply a artistic exchange of ideas..not a swap, right Elizabeth?

Of course you all know what a simply stunning miniature artist and builder she is but also a fine lady and blog friend to many of us! Here is a picture of the jaw dropping beauty she sent me.

The details are stunning! Pasta, oil, jar of cherries the tin of cooking supplies parchment! Of course this is all set on a gorgeous shelf that she painted with the most amazing detail. You can see the dish rag and strainer measuring spoons..just WOW..Jaw dropping..immaculate work! 

A lot of these amazing items can be found as tutorials on her blog, as I am sure most of you know ;)

I have gotten so many lovely kitchen items from friends and my big goal since I started miniatures was to make a kitchen scene... I think its certainly time to make this happen!

I sent ms E a little basket of mushrooms, she did say she liked mushrooms ;)

Thank you again Elizabeth for honoring me with this wonderful exchange of artistic ideas!!