Oct 20, 2014

Prepping for the fair..again!! : Pictures and maybe inspiration for you!

Hello fine folks of the frosty lands!

Well and the warm ones... if its warm near you..just happens to be frosting early mornings here now, leaves have fallen, sticks are showing and we are in transition and heading towards the winter solstice!

I thought I would show a couple shots of some of the clay work I am jumping about..yes..nothing is finished but I work well while going with what inspires me.

Now none of these things are particularly original, people have been covering boxes and doing polymer clay jewelry for many years but for me its about bringing miniatures and polymer clay work into the light for some people who might not have seen these types of crafts or maybe to spark some of that creativity.

Remember people, when making your world a better place, start at home in your community! I complained for so many years about people not having my interests here where I lived, without thinking that maybe Janes got to get her ass on the dance floor first... and see who will come do the chicken dance!...er well you know what I mean ;)

Ok enough blabbing I got to get back to the work table!!

These boxes I got from Michaels for about a dollar each I am doing mixed media clay work adding some of the fairy garden leftovers as accent pieces and dabbing bits of scrap clay about.
I am doing a variety of styles on these cute, elaborate, theme and nature inspired.

I am working on this piece now I was thinking a path in a Forrest I have to make a bunch of little leaves to go about maybe some toadstools..

I did a few pieces of food jewelry, I will be doing some standard charms and things like this for people to browse through.

There is more... but for now that is good I think, I would really urge you folks who have stack of clay to create some of these types boxes for gifts, maybe a cupcake necklace for the little ones..just to play a bit! It is a nice change of skill and helps you to create even when your miniature thoughts stall.

Here is a gift I sent off for a friend, but this would make a wonderful Thanksgiving necklace I thought!

And this little guy I created was to help me keep crafting when I was so sick of crafting boxes..but after him I was inspired to keep working ;)

I hope all of your lives are well and inspired!


  1. You know I have a ton of fimo - in a mad moment I bought it - but I'm no sculptor. But after your suggestion to get arty with some boxes, I may give it a go. I love the mixture of clay and glass stones. The sea scene is fab. Excellent work as always =0)

  2. Oooo, I love the pumpkin man!!! So much fun scrolling through to see all your fantabulous pieces. Alright, you've convinced me to give it a whirl tonight. Who needs to shingle the Manor when there's stuff like this I can be trying?!


  3. I love the boxes. They came out stunningly and the pumpkin man is really good. X

  4. Beautiful work Jane Smithicus, and the boxes with the variety of colors and textures,are particularly lovely! I am enjoying your mushroom basket that you made for me, so I would encourage you to include the toadstools that you have already mentioned, because it is currently a very popular motif and totally on trend. Your mini food charms are .... CHARMING! The turkey on the plater Looks So Good, that it might perhaps, have a number of strange folks trying to take a bite at wherever the charm might hang so I would advise your friend to perhaps wear with caution. heehee
    And your evil jack-o-lanterns are verrrry scarrrry. Whew! Ichabod Crane where are you? oh,... he's busy doing the chicken dance with.... Jane?


  5. Lady Jane, as always you come up with the most exquisite creations. I love the boxes!! And the halloween pumpkin man :-)
    yes indeed, I feel inspired!

  6. WOW Jane, this is so special and original work, love it all! Born at the seaside I'm absolutely in love the sea scene on the box :D! Your pumpkin man looks a bit murderous with his knife at the ready ;o!
    Delicious chicken for Thanksgiving :D!

  7. That first image is so gorgeous! I love the mix between the clay and the glass elements. They are beautiful boxes, I'm sure you'll get a lot of positive responses at the fair. :)

  8. Beautiful! Love the boxes! Are they wooden boxes, with clay on? I'm to afraid to mix wood and clay, I'm so sure I'll burn down the house if I put wood in the oven ;) But my husband say I could put something wooden in the oven in that low temperature for awhile, but I don't trust him as much as I would trust you (on this subject that is) ;)
    The first box, with glass "beads" on, it's fantastic! (so are the other =) ) (and once more, glass and clay, never dare to try that myself ;) )
    Wishing you the best of luck on the fair!! I think you will come back empty handed, well if you don't buy anything, because your work is brilliant and have to sell right away! =)
    And you have a great point here, why not go out there and be the first local miniature maker?! Like a swedish saying: If you want something done, you have to make it yourself!

    1. Oh you certainly can, low temps to bake clay on glass, wood, ceramic...

      If you have a look at the Fairy Garden tut, its the same process.. making sure you watch it at all steps ;)

      The big thing most think on is not mixing polymer clay with eating surfaces but the same can be said for your food oven.. I have baked in my home oven a few times and then done a clean/ bake after.

      But generaly its thought to be best to have a designated oven for clay baking.


  9. Me encantan las cajas Me gusta la gran variedad de elementos que llevan y la fantasía que desprenden.

  10. Always thinking outside the box (uh, pun is intended hee hee) you are! I love the ideas you are coming up with and yes a homemade gift is sometimes the best of all. Thank you for sharing and continuing to inspire us all.

  11. The boxes are AMAZING Ms. Jane!!! And that little pumpkin vine critter!!! oh MY he is AWESOME... he made me smile....
    Good luck at the fair my friend.

  12. All of your items are gorgeous and the boxes are stunning!! I covered some boxes with clay in the past and I loved it. You can really push your creativity to any level and you did push yours to magical levels! The pumpkin man is wonderful....as everything you always make. Hugs Jane!

  13. Love your work Jane and you have inspired me. Because of my financial situation I am going to have to make some Christmas gifts this year and I have a few bits of clay lying around. I just might try a box or something similar. I love your tree inspired ones. I also love your pumpkin character.

  14. Wonderful work Jane i love your boxes kiss!

  15. Hello Jane,
    As I was reading your post I kept thinking about how wonderful each piece was...but when I saw that last picture of the pumpkin carver...that is amazing. I just love it! Your carving skills are fantastic. Ther boxes are beautiful and a great idea!
    Great work Jane. I'll do the chicken dance with you any time.
    Big hug,

  16. Everything is wonderful. I really like the boxes, very original.

  17. Wow Jane I love your boxes they are all gorgeous. Your scary pumpkin man is fantastic. Wishing you the best of luck at the fair.
    Hugs Maria

  18. There will be a lot of open mouthes at that fair - people will stand in awe before your pieces, that's for sure. Fantastic work on the boxes, a fantastic way to use clay... and you can never do anything wrong with jewelry for a fair, especially when it's as perfectly made as yours. But what I really loved the most (hope you're sitting while reading this because other the big surprise might overwhelm you!) is that pumpkin man - what a great guy!!! What an outstanding piece in any way. And now keep on crafting, please, with only small interruptions for chicken-dancing - I'd like to see more... and more... ;O)


  19. I am in awe just looking at your creations! Everything is so well done! The leaves and the tree branches look wonderful. The turkey is perfect! I envy you for having so much dexterity and patience in making those miniatures!

  20. Wow Jane, what a amazing and original work, I never saw something like this before !
    The pumpkin man is awesome, I love him !!!!
    Good luck at the fair :)

    Hugs Mieke xxx

  21. Jane,
    Your imagination inspires me!
    Hugs to you,

  22. Hi...and wow! Gorgeous boxes! Love how they look, love the idea of making one also!
    Thank you for sharing this!
    And the halloween one is absolutely fantastic!

  23. Awesome work, Jane! Everything you showed is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the scary pumpkin scene! The mini food jewelry is darling, and I've been meaning to tell you that the cupcake earrings you made me get compliments every time I wear them! "Oh thank you. A GOOD FRIEND made them for me. " I say it all the time now! :-) Great to hear from you, great work, looking forward to seeing more, as always! Big hugs! xo Jennifer

  24. I love the scary pumpkin man and the boxes are awesome. You are not only creative but also an
    amazingly original artist. What an inspiring idea mixing clay with wood.
    Hugs, Drora


  25. Hello Jane ,are always very good at working with clay. I really like your colored boxes!

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  27. Фантастическая работа! Вы так талантливы и изобретательны! Ваши коробки будут иметь большой успех! Мне нравится все, что вы делаете из глины!

  28. Looks like you are all set for the fair! The boxes look great; so much texture! The mini jewelry is sure to be a hit. The turkey will be gobbled up before you know it!