Oct 28, 2013

Jack-o'-lantern notes and me as Faora-Ul


We are close to Halloween now and a lot of people are making wonderful pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns for the season.

I will not go into a full tutorial as you can find quite a few good ones out there. I though I would just note a few thoughts.

While there are a few methods of using air dry clay and polymer clay the main two will be using tin foil or a marble.
The tinfoil method involves lightly crumpling tinfoil into a  ball or oval, you can also use a corkscrew so that it is easier to remove the foil after baking.
The tinfoil method is better for making oblong shapes and this way you can create a solid pumpkin without having to glue two sides.
I still prefer the marble method myself. I think searching out different shaped glass marbles next year will be my style.
A large medium or small marble is covered with a thin layer of clay. 
In this shot I, I am using a thin layer of glow in the dark clay first then covering that with the orange clay.
When doing your "carving" you may prefer to indent your face first if you have trouble with symmetry or position.
But basically this method is the same, cut your face out, line a perfect circle around the entire marble and then after you bake you will remove off the marble and glue the two sides back together.
A little paint along the lines and edges to give it more depth.
These few here are just some quick scraps but you can see they are all hallow and decently sturdy.
You can add your little flickering lights to them.
Or as I did with a thin layer of glow clay, have them smile in the dark at you;P
I encourage you all to try making your own jack-o'-lanterns with these simple methods.
Now time to be embarrassed for eternity!
...here you go NSA... and time to feed the trolls... enjoy :P

Oct 24, 2013

Dressing up like a big dork: Halloween for us fanaticus...s

Good day good folk of the globe!

Halloween will be coming around the bend for us here in the fanaticus household soon and I thought I would show you folks some of the geek..that I am.

Anywhooooooooo, My daughter chose to be Lagoona Blue from Monster high: shocker right? ;P

We bought this complete costume already and I will be making a necklace and a few accessories that did not come with the kit:

My husband and I are also going to dress up this year...OMG!

So we decided to fly our geek flags high and buy costumes from "Man of Steel" The new superman movie. My hubby will be Superman: The good guy
I will be Faora-Ul: The bad gal...Ohhhh geesh....
Let me tell you folks..this *bioootch* is skin tight! Needless to say I have been surviving on air, water and good thoughts for the last three days, just to have the gall to wear this bad boy!

The suit came pretty basic, what you see and what you get are not exactly accurate, the suit appears to have armor..but not really.. its printed to the SPANDEX FRIGGEN SUIT!!!.. yeah..spandex.

So in order to use my crafting skills and keep being a nerd.. I started to create armor like they do at Comicon. EVA foam..aka Craftfoam.

I just marked up some paper patterns, cut out foam layered and dented...and dappled them in steel paint and hot glued them to corresponding panels on the suit.

It turned out pretty badass< that right I said it!

I am going to wear it for three days/ events and parties, if my resolve holds..and I guess if the ass of the suit holds as well;P
Shall I post a picture of myself in the suit..to be immortalized in embarrassment for eternity?? Let see how much wine it takes to squeeze me into it:P

Oct 18, 2013

Minifanaticus Halloween Givaway: The winner is.

Good evening fine mini folk of the world! I hope you are all well in your lands and seasons and inspired with tiny things.

I submitted my Spring Fling and have taken quite a few pictures for the big reveal that will be on the 31st.

But today is the Halloween draw and one of you ladies will be getting a big package..plus a few things;)

I listed each name as was posted on the comments section asking to be involved and gave each a number :

  1. Diane
  2. Fabiola
  3. Maria Ireland
  4. Lisa T
  5. Jenny Costa
  6. Melli´s Hobby
  7. Emanuela Valenza
  8. NarinaNäpertää
  9. Drora
  10. Hannah
  11. Indy_Poppy
  12. Wyrna Christensen
  13. malu2
  14. 12Create
  15. Plushpussycat
  16. Susanna Zanchi
  17. mcddiss
  18. Alexandra
  19. shaairah
  20. Kabrina Dawn
  21. PAKY
  22. Keelin
  23. Pippibär
  24. Mandy Vlak
  25. Eva - tatalamaru
  26. Teruka
  27. sognatriceabordo
  29. Victoria Rocus
  30. Mary
  31. Kyle Lefort
  32. Ana
  33. Ascension
  34. miniaturista
I was going to do a bowl raffle but my helper, "daughter" is in school... So I used Random.org for this draw: Closed my eyes.....and....
12. Wyrna Christensen you are the winner of this Minifanaticus Halloween Givaway!
Wyrna Christensen my fine friend, please contact me on email or google+  for the address to send your package...and extras ;)
Thank you all for participating, I hope to see you folks again for future swaps and the big reveal day for Spring Fling.
Hugs, Jane! 

Oct 14, 2013

Minifanaticus Halloween Givaway!!!! : *wink* The meaning of wink

Thanks right folks we have come full circle!

If you have been with my littlle blog here for the last year or so you might have seen the pattern of giveaways:

We had Christmas to be followed by Easter, one for the heat of Midsummer and now we are in the season for Halloween!

My original goal was to have one giveaway for each room of Holiday Inc: While the massive project sits on hold , I did keep half the plan ;P

So here we are, the last blast and the biggest give away yet! If you want to add a link to your blog you can otherwise just let me know to include you in the draw in the comments below.

Here is what you will receive in this draw..with a few surprises of course :)
As you can see we have a array of spooky, nice and of course sweet in this set:
The spooky:
A skeleton, a couple of drippy candles, gravestone, a creepy crawling hand, skull and jaw bone and of course a carved jack-o'-lantern.
The Nice:
Three pumpkins, Halloween wreath, shopping bag, white pumpkin teapot and a witches broom
The Sweet:
A candy filled treat bucket, couple of caramel apples, a bag of candy covered chocolates, some pumpkin jellies, wrapped hard candies.. and some nasty.. nasty.. candy corn ;P

I again will thank all you fine people around the world that have become friends and swap partners, I enjoy reading about your lives and sharing in this wonderful hobby we share.
We will do our raffle on this Friday the 18th.
best of luck to you all ;)

Oct 9, 2013

Ode to Halloween: givawayicus...halloweeniscus to you icus?

Good day good folk of the world!

Halloween prep is in full swing here at the fantaticus household! We have started to decorate the inside with goulish delights and will be doing our haunted best outside in the next couple of days ;)

Oh Halloween time how to I love thee!....but why ?

Not everyone celebrates Halloween, but you do know its Halloween when you see it.

I am sure a few of you will be creating scenes:
What do we love the most about this holiday?
Is it the decorations?
Or is it the candy?
Well I am sure there is more to it than just this....I guess we will find out on Monday the 14th *wink*