Holiday Inc: Dollhouse

I have recived my Taft General store. This will be the process of creating my Holiday Inc. dollhouse project.


Holiday store downstairs that sells seasonal decorations/baskets and baubles from Easter/Christmas/Halloween /May Day
All sale proceeds go to charity sign:
Upstairs each floor is a workshop with those particular styles and characters in each workshop producing the gifts..Easterbunny/elves/gnarly pumpkin chars.

Doorways are portals..with effect and lighting:<<MAYBE
each window shows a bit of the room..frost/flowers/taint.
Hidden bunnies and evil pumpkins peeking from shop

      STAGE 1

Started layout and prep work for base and walls.  Sanding / template cutting and measurements

Base and basic wall construction

      STAGE 2

Added second floor to base structure.

Cut out windows for each floor and placed door for upper level.

Added roof top.

Scored stained and shine on store room
floors and shelves

Applied wallpaper in store and tester in
Santas workshop

Stained santas workshop floor and furniture
Created wall shelving and decorative pieces

      STAGE 4
Easter Room Construction and layout started

      STAGE 5
Added Brick paper and some trim, window films and a sidewalk

      STAGE 6
Dust that old girl off and start working on Santas workshop!!

      STAGE 7
Santas workshop

Scrap santa made from old work and old stocking

More shots


  1. Oh my gosh, reader did not pick this post up and that's why I missed it. Yay, it's coming along great. Good job on the added floor!

  2. What a PROJECT Jane! I didn't even know that this blog existed till now! I am most impressed! The easter landscaping layout looks soooo cute! You are a woman of "Many Mad Mini Skills" it appears. Good on Ya! I'll be keeping my eyes on your progress, and I agree, the floor looks wonderful!


  3. I love this!!! Would love to make one of these. Is this a kit?

    1. It is a modified version of the Greenleaf dollhouses Taft General store, still in progress ..for ever.. ;)

  4. I love this so much =) Gives me a lot of inspiration, but you make it look so easy, I always get stuck on something that feels very hard to do..But I'll practice and look at this again and again =)