Apr 25, 2014

That new clay smell: The giveaway results

Good morning!

If you noticed I have made a few changes to ye olde blog here, I also added my Etsy link to the side for a bit of re-opening of my Etsy shop soon.

I want to thank you folks for your kind words over my Fairy Garden and Troll Homes class, I will let you all know the first day went wonderful! The kids were excited and I think I did a god job of sparking their imagination. I will post shots of the finished work in June when the class ends, until then messy hands and sparkles!

I have finished my Polyform Products project. I think when you see it you will all be inspired to create and see what is possible with my favorite medium. I will post info about it after the setup in May.

Also my little Easter Wishes egg scene became pretty big news recently it has been re-blogged and posted on several trend and diorama websites. I am glad everyone liked it and maybe I will try more for other seasons ;)


So ....mnnnn clay!... it smells of endless imagination!
I though I would grab a few packs of it and give it to one of you fine folks to see what you will do with it.

So here is the list of people that commented with interest on my A little bit of a BIG project: Tutorials and Giveaways post:
  1. Shelly Norris
  2. Ludmilla
  3. Fabiola
  4. NarinaNäpertää
  5. Steinworks
  6. Tatiana
  7. Plushpussycat
  8. Wyrna
  9. Illyria Miniatures
  10. Bridgit
  11. Isabel
  12. Simona
  13. Elizabth
  14. Sharee
  15. Debbie
  16. Susanna
  17. Drora
  18. Eva
  19. Mari
  20. Lisa
  21. Melli
  22. Willow
  23. Hannah
  24. Liduina
  25. Robyn
We will use random.org as my usual go to:
The results of this draw is number 23: Hannah from Hannahsminiatyrer http://hannahsminiatyrer.blogspot.se
Well Hannah instead of that small swap package, I guess yours will be a bit bigger..here is a mix of Premo accent and Sculpey clay in Metallics and sparkles and colors and of course..translucent!
What is that mystery package?? I cant tell you yet..you will have to see ;) I will send you a message later.
Thank you as always for being great supporters and friends. I will start posting tutorials again in the next month and have a summer project for some of you ;) ~JS

Apr 22, 2014

I am off to school! : Trolls and Fairies

Good evening good folk!

Tomorrow I start my class and get the kiddos to play in the land of imagination!

I decided to throw some of the scraps I had together from my 2 big projects and create a few scenes for the children to look at while I talk about Fae and what we are going to create.

Just a few things done quickly but for the kids I think it is effective enough. ;)

Wish me luck!

Apr 18, 2014

Apr 7, 2014

A little bit of a BIG project: Tutorials and Givaways

Good morning good folk of the globe! How are your projects going?

Now you might have seen that I dabble in Polymer Clay here on the old blog from time to time...."dabble"...who we kidding there Jane?..your nick name is Clay Fingers McGee!

Well, you know how much I love polymer clay and the fact that I am always trying to get you folks to use it in your projects, then you can imagine my excitement when the makers of Sculpey, Polyform Products asked me to create a project for them!!!!   Woooooooooooppieee!!!

A fantastic lady I am in touch with at Polyform Products sent me a little starter package..don't pass out when you see it..like I did!

 Ahhh that new clay smell!
Now I don't want to completely spoil the project but I will give you a sneak peek of my work in progress, this is just the start of the foundation..
So..amongst the class I am teaching, the tower build, trying to finish Undersized Urbanite and HBS Contest...I am creating what I can only tell you will be a masterpiece crafted in a rainbow of Sculpey Polymer Clay.
At the end of this project in May you will be able to see my tutorial on the Sculpey Website.
And since I will be in the mood and crafting I thought we could have a little giveaway or two to go with this venture, so that some of you can enjoy that new clay smell for yourselves ;)
Thank you fine folks for all your support and comments, I appreciate them and want to share this with those of you who always have a kind word!
I will update with info in a couple of weeks. 

Apr 4, 2014

Smiles sent from Simona!: A Soft and Malleable Friendship

Good morning good folk!

I am very lucky to have made such wonderful blog friends throughout the world and a few of you have become closer both in mind and chat ;)

I want to share some of what the lovely lady Simona of Soft and Malleable sent me recently.

Now she told me oh..I am going to send you this little thing..and of course like a lot of us do..BAM! Big box of amazing! 
As you can see Simona was more than thoughtful and generous in her gifts and choices to amaze!
She sent me some of my first Re-Ment minatures! I have heard other folks talking about them and I looked online at them but they are just more wonderful in hand.
The packaging alone on the Re-ment items is amazing, as you can see real printed plastics and mangos inside a sealed package.
Simona also sent me a array of fantastic items like these cakes on a tray
This beautiful hunk of fabric, my daughter already has claimed as "make something for me" These little fine detailed tapes and a wonderful bit of molding clay to try out!
And of course the little gift she sneakily hid all these other amazing gifts under, These are erasers, Simona having a fantastic eye realized that they are extremely detailed stamps as well! She knows her stuff and knows me pretty well I can see!
I want to thank you again Simona, for your wonderful conversations we have and of course your humbling generosity in gift giving, Big hugs to you fine lady!
I have a bit of a announcement in the future post about a project..

Apr 1, 2014

Things I like now....

Good day good folk of the globe.

I thought I would share some pictures from the interweb'

Happy April 1st ;)