Jul 20, 2013

Seeeeeecret project: Your allowed to peek now >=)

Good evening good folk!

So you know I am working on a project, a friend and I decided to do The Greenleaf Spring Fling together.

I have never fully finished a kit yet...*eyes the Holiday Inc. house collecting dust" This one will be my first fully finished attempt.

And while I am up against the long time, hard hitters in this contest.. I certainly don't expect to win but I will finish ;P...errr.... this time....

So ....battling a busy life and some crazy times, I have posted a few sneak peeks of the construction process. This build will take me till the last second, no doubt but everything in this project will be hand made/constructed and I will be adding a lot of the items you fine folks I swapped with.

So in the spirit of keeping my blog, somewhat sputtering along, here are some shots for you to ogle.

See you soon ;)

Jul 6, 2013

Magic from Mary: Swapping with kindness!

Good evenin' good folk!

As you know I do a three way swap from time to time and I wanted to share some of the amazing and thoughtful beauties I received from Mary! of M's minis and more.

Mary was so kind to have sent me this bounty of supplies and wonderful hand crafted mini's, even though my swap to her turned into a gooey mess ;(..  Apparently the acrylic I used turned sour and gloppy in the heat. Now I drop $$ on reliable sculpty glaze ;P

Mary I know you have trouble with your email.. So if this is the first time you heard I sent you a nice fat replacement package... well I "done did that"  Stalk the postman on Monday or check my flicker ;P
Ok on to the show!!!
A bounty of beautiful supplies and wonderfully made mini's yes?
Mary knew my daughter was now fascinated with collecting rocks and we are going to be doing displays for her, shadowbox style, as her collection grows. She sent life sized stones for my daughters collection and produced the biggest smile on my daughters face ;)
Mary crafted this AMAZING!! stone display with these amazing rock and mineral books. They are so wonderful!
Of course Mary made sure to send more supplies for future projects. I am sure a Gemstone Roombox will be in order to go with my daughters Bakery Box.
She picked the most amazing array of gems and findings, filigrees and stones to make my mini head swirl with ideas!
I want to thank you again Mary for sending such wonderful things my way! I am truly humbled by your generosity and thoughtfulness.
I hope my makeup package ..makes up for the sticky mess ;P

Jul 2, 2013

Mission NY Soggy Faeriefest complete: Throw away shoes and a little project.

Good day fine folk!

I thought I would show off some photos of our soggy adventure to Fairy Fest. Unfortunately we have been going through floods and heat blasts..well we all know about this.. *kaboom*

Any way the fest was only for three days and we could only attend on the first day in the morning..while it rained..and turned into a mud pit.

But my daughter felt the magic and we enjoyed our adventure through the fairy wood as muddy as it was ;)

I thought of not showing any personal photos but if anyone wants to come stalk me in the swamp I am sure they could find me by other means...*lol*

Maybe the photos of me will deter them from coming >=)
Here is my beautiful fairy dressed in her finery
As you can see we both wore wings, I was a little less dainty
we danced to the drums..in a muddy field
We visited the wood sprite shrine and left some gifts 
Here we visit one of the mermaid that washed ashore. Probably from the flooding ;P 
Here is the Fairy Queen making her entrance.
My daughter dances with the fairy queen 
A shot of the queen and her main man and my little nymph 
It was a wonderful time in the wood and we had a blast!
I hope all your mini adventures are going well, see you in a bit ;)