Mar 16, 2016

The Potting Bench: More plants, lazy assiness, blabbing on to fill time..

Welp... I certainly did not keep to my plan of updating each week, but the first step in knowing you have a problem is.... denying you have a problem and ignoring it for two weeks... er wait I mean admitting it...

Ok, ok, so I let things slip but I did do some work ;)

Its starting to warm and I've finally gotten to get outside and look at the brown dead pile of leaves I call my garden each year... after being a lazy ass who melts in her work chair for the last few months I decided to get outside and rake and pull weeds, move rocks and oh my plan things out..

The after about 2 hours of fun in the sun I realized my mistake, I am a flabby old lady now and shall feel the wrath of burning thighs and sore under wing flaps..

So that feeling of old fartness lasted for about 2 days..did you know you had muscles under your flabby arms?? I do now!
Jane, one day after gardening

Anywhoooooooooo.. enough about how old and weak I've become....

More pots, these I've done with my old molds, if you remember way long time ago I blabbed on about caps and shapes to mold for various things like pots..

I used a mix of orange scrap clay and some sand to get a bit more texture

Then after movie magic, watered down paint mix, glue, tea leaves for dirt punched leaves, foam.. You've seen all this before I know but..uhh..lazy..

Oh and this little seed tray...

I am not always lazy, so here is some of the things I've been making for Etsy.

 Maybe these will inspire your latest creations, as always if you have questions on how or materials just ask below or message me.

Magic Prep-Board

The Steampunk Broom

Phantom the Conjured Hound

Onyx the Conjured Kitty

Pepo's Pals

Harvest Book Display

The Bone Staff

Old World Bottles

Primitive Cabinet

This one is a early view of something I might have in a printed article deal type thingie..more info in May ;)

Alrighty enough stalling.....


  1. Omg, the hound! The kitteh! The vision of lazy, gardening Jane!! Too much awesomeness for one blog post!! :D

  2. Your new creations are amazing. I really like Onyx the Conjured Kitty.

  3. Oh I love that seedling pack! It's so perfect! All your pots turned out incredible. That potting bench sure looks wonderful!

  4. I know exactly what you're talking about - every year after the first time in the new year I'm trying to find the wicked weeds in my garden I have to learn there are muscles in my body I've never noticed or met before... *LOL* It was fun to see your latest work on parade - and your pots are simply stunning. I would never have thought about adding sand to the clay... but okay... you're the fabulous minifanaticus. Congrats on having a printed article deal type thingie soon... so well deserved!


  5. Jane, I'm floored...........why?? Well, because of a certain video of Jane, one day after gardening......HAHAHA LOL what fun!! But I do feel with you, working in the garden can be very tiresome :D!
    But your latest work also proves the opposite: you're certainly not lazy, Madam. No, you've also been very busy, I really love everything you've done, but I love The Steampunk Broom most........oh my, how I would love to take a ride on it, with a heavy snoring sound BROOOM BROOOOM BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM LOL!
    Congrats on having a printed deal type thingie soon, so you see that I agree with Birgit, it's so well deserved!
    Well, I'm going to rest, my old feet up in the air after a day of work in my garden, bye!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Hi Jane! I can relate to Arm Flaps but I haven't exercised mine enough to know if it would hurt if I did- but can I feel your pain anyway! :D
    Your Creativity Astounds me and I am Very Impressed with all that I see that you have done regardless of how "lazy" you say you've been. Keep on lazing on the sofa and eating CHEETO'S with the T.V. remote, if it makes you produce such truly Wonderful Work! :D


  7. Aaaaaaw! I'm in love with your tiny perfect seedling punnet! Being a gardener (mostly lapsed so no underflap pain of late) garden miniatures hold a special place in my heart so of course your old pots also caught my eye :) you have been so busy! Wonderful. Thanks for showing this ols couch potato.

  8. Menos mal que para hacer minis no necesitas mucho músculo, porque estarías reventada. Has hecho muchas cosas y todas preciosas

  9. Hello Jane,
    You are not alone...sometimes I feel like that just getting out of bed and walking to the kitchen ;) I love every item you've shown us, but I must say I love the cat most of all. It reminds me of the Chechire Cat in an Alice in Wonderland video game. They ar4e all wonderful. Great jobs on the terra cotta pots by the way. I love the aged look. You always inspire me and bring a smile to my less gardening and more mini-ing!
    Big hug

  10. Вы рассмешили меня , Джейн! Я себя чувствую подобно. Я обнимала грабли и лопату прошлые выходные. Я не могла согнуться три дня! :) :) :)
    Вы молодец. Вы сделали так много фантастических мини!!! Супер! Кот такой смешной. Металлическая метла великолепна!! Вау
    Я собираюсь поехать на дачу в эти выходные. Лопата и грабли ждут меня.:) :) :) Я буду думать о вас! :) :) :)

  11. Love 'em all, but I think I like most of those Old World Bottles..
    I just have to admire your imagination - where do you get all these wonderful ideas of your - so awesome that you share them with us - can't get enough of them :)
    Unfortunately my list of "oh-I-must-try-something-like-that-someday" gets longer every time I visit here (^^)
    Hugs, Irina

  12. Wow How creative! Your old world bottles are fabulous, not to mention your magic wand and broom. The potting bench and clay pots are fantastic. I look forward to see your work in print. May is not far away.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. HaHa I loved your video I feel like that lots of days and I don't even garden :-D Your clay pots are fantastic. Wow I love all your items. The kitty is awesome and that steam punk broom well I had to drag Elfvera from the screen you almost had a visitor wanting to borrow it :-D Amazing awesome work as always Jane no sign of laziness to me.
    Hugs Maria

  14. This is just amazing . I love your miniature works. Your minis are adorable and magical. You are amazing miniaturist!!! Love this blog!!!!
    Visit my blog please

  15. I'm too busy these days, no minis, no comments, no reading blogs, but I just had to check back at you, and I find this, a steampunk broom, that is just too cool not to comment on, so here I go; Wow Jane, that steampunk broom is just too cool!!!! amazing