Dec 23, 2012

Happy Holidays

I just want to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.

  • Hug your families, even the ones you haven't in a while..
  • Go on the see food diet for a few days...if you see it it
  • Be thankful for the smallest gifts, realizing others may not even get that...
  • Put your minis away..just for a day.. and pop your head into the macro world!

Warm wishes to all,

Dec 19, 2012

The Winner of Draw!!!! aka freestufficusinthemailicus

I wanted to thank you all for reading and commenting on my blog. I read your blogs and am grateful to have you fine folks as mini fiends ;)


I have decided to do the draw amongst everyone who was included... people might be away for holidays etc:  

  1. Bogie
  2. Dalesq
  3. Patsea
  4. WyckedWood
  5. Kellyannmo
  6. Jennybee
  7. Otterine
  8. Minigrandma10
  9. Jrchob
  10. Minsanity
  11. Mininecessities
  12. Chapchap73
  13. Wyrna Christensen
  14. Ruth Ramaekers
  15. Craftland minis und anderes
  16. Mamasminis
  17. A Wright
  18. Darah
  19. Donna Humphries
  20. Natalia's Fine Needlework
  21. Gee
  22. Jenny Costa
  23. Jazzi
    The winner is:  
    Ruth Ramaekers at Miniature Maven Diaries
    Ruth everything is already boxed up. I just need a address to send them to and a email to follow through with.  Please send your info to my Etsy contact as that will be the safest route:
    I hope you love my little gifts ;)
    Thank you again to everyone, and have a wonderful holiday!!!!

Dec 17, 2012

MINIFANATICUS GIVEAWAY!!!: aka holidaygivawayfanaticus

Did you follow the candy cane?? *wink*

Yes folks its holiday time and you have already been entered. Did you make any comment to me in December either on Greenleaf or on my blog here?

Then you were entered in my GIVEAWAYFANATICUS!!!!!

Holly Cake, Yule Log Cake, Jar of Candy Canes, Glitter Ornaments, Holiday Candle, Sugar Cookie Prep board, Iced Holiday Cookie's, Bowl of Candies, Holiday Card, Winter Cornucopia

Why do it so sneaky? ..Well..while I would love 100 followers..what does it matter if they are not interested in what you have to say and are only here for free stuff??

If you are just a silent follower, don't fret my friend,  there are many more holidays to Holiday Inc: next one won't be sneaky ;)

Large Pictures click!


So who is going to be in the draw:
  • Bogie
  • Dalesq
  • Patsea
  • WyckedWood
  • Kellyannmo
  • Jennybee
  • Otterine
  • Minigrandma10
  • Jrchob
  • Minsanity
  • Mininecessities
  • Chapchap73
  • Wyrna Christensen
  • Ruth Ramaekers
  • Craftland minis und anderes
  • Mamasminis
  • A Wright
  • Darah
  • Donna Humphries
  • Natalia's Fine Needlework
  • Gee
  • Jenny Costa
  • Jazzi
  • Did I forget you? Let me know
I will wait till Wednesday the 19th to do the random number thing. If you are interested in being in this drawing and you are on the list please let me know in the comments below or on the Greenleaf Post.
A few things to know:
My house is smoke free but not cat free, if you are in a different country besides USA it might take the gift a bit more time to get to you I am sure you folks know that though ;)
Good luck to you,

Dec 16, 2012

Holiday Inc: Update

I am trying not to lock all my doors and hide from the world right now, to justify sending my daughter back to kindergarten and not home schooling...

So mini time with my daughter did us some good as a family. And ironically we got a lot done ;)

I have done the hardwood floor in the store area my daughter helped me "stain" the wood with acrylic paints for the furniture and sills etc..

I started a Popsicle stick floor.. and then 1/4 the way through decided I needed some brains and hand ability.. So I did the scoring floor technique.

I cut down the 13ft counter..seemed ridiculous.. to a 8 foot and it fits better in the space.
You can see one of the Fae from May Day already sneaked in ...May Day hasn't even been thought of ..I don't know how it got there ;)
I also roughed out Santa's Work shop a bit mostly "staining" the flooring piece and getting the wood sets together.
More work to be done..Giveaway to pack.. candy cane *wink*

Dec 13, 2012

More of the candy cane *wink* ..and other things

Just before I go onto the candy cane, I wanted to show you a new prep board I put on Etsy.

The chicken soup prep board, I am learning about cane techniques... as you can see the carrots and the parsnips have a lighter core.

The chicken breast turned out pretty neato, like all your food items remember first portion is Translucent clay, then for chicken meat a dab of pink and a smaller spec of orange .. do small finger sized batches until you get the hang of it ;)


Onto the show..

So this candy cane did not turn out so well,you can see it sitting next to this left over cookie board and hard candy bowl.

I guess I will work more on size for the next few canes.
Unfourtunatly this cookie board got messed up by this broken egg..Oh well.. I guess I will add it to the stock pile for the to the box. *wink*

Dec 11, 2012

The Mini Candy Cane: The hidden beauty

So for the next week I thought I would showcase the mini candy cane. Its simple twisted beauty and its hidden its hidden beauty.

As you can see I made the candy cane pretty detailed but you can't really see the color well in this shot so I moved it over to the light.

I created them the same way Disney makes their candy canes with the red and green block technique..just smaller.

Sorry for cluttering up the candy cane shot with all that background junk.

I am just going to move that other stuff into the stockpile I have started..I'll probably just box it up..or give it away somewhere..there is going to be a small box full *wink*

...Back to Holiday Inc;

Dec 9, 2012

Christmas list: Stage one making ornaments

Decorating the Tree:

So here are a few ornaments, I know everyone has their own way , usually using beads with wire for ornaments  . .....lets make some glittery balls for the tree.

These are polymer clay, crimping beads and a small bit of curled fine wire for hooks.

 You can use any shape bead you want. Remember these nail decorating jars we all went hunting down in the dollar store? 
They sure do have a lot of free micro glitter and fancy shapes ;)

If your using beads you will have to attach the hook after, if your using poly clay, then shape apply hook or hole and bake.

Hold the bead like this and apply clear nail polish, or a coat of glue in thick quantity. If doing duel colors only apply where the first color goes, dry, then do other side.

The sprinkle whatever nice micro glitter or shapes you like onto your new ornament. Maybe appling little beads in a pattern.

While the shapes and slivers may require you to pat the ball a couple of time to get it smooth, the micro glitter is the best bet, don't forget you can apply two colors if you are so inclined or three!!!!

Maybe a few decorative designed beads or animals, look through your old jewelry and charms as well!

Dec 8, 2012

Off to the Fair!!

I have setup my table, well 98% any way. I tried to showcase the items as best as I could and still fill out the table with a bit of everything.

I think the space use looks good, You never realize how small these things are until you are trying to fill up a 8 foot table ;)
I tried to place items as categories so I did foods, boards, decorations and a Christmas section. 
Last item I forgot about until I had to go set up was a business card holder, so I threw this together out of scrap balsa wood in about 5 Min's.. it looks like crap.....BUT...
You ever have a moment when you say to yourself .."That's so damn clever"?  Mini card display.. and extras glued to the business card :)
(pats own back) *lol*

Wish me luck.

Dec 6, 2012

Foods in super high def.

I know I said I did not want to do foods as a primary mini skill, but I do have a mini addiction to small foods.  I have always loved looking at pictures of great looking miniature foods that look very realistic, as I am sure many of you also do.

So I though I go a bit nutto today and make a few display plates and try some new skills with mini foods.

So here I have created: Spaghetti and Meatballs with sauce> Eggs with bacon and toast> Hot dog with beans>Hamburger with fries..and my first attempt at a Crown Roast.

Now the Crown Roast is ..ehhh not the best..but the next one I do should be really nice.
I thought that I did pretty good with the colors and without further ado..the best of them in High def ( BIG PICTURES)


I gotta say these up close picture's..kinda shocked me and made me a bit hungry *lol*  I hope you've enjoyed these big old shots ;)

PS those beans are individual and to scale..that took a while *straightens back * Snap!

Dec 3, 2012

Taking stock 2: your craft table and you.

I have been making minis at a frenzied pace, with the few mins a day I get. Sure I could read a book or relax or eat something other thank a hand full of walnuts and a plum..but WHO HAS TIME for that when your freaking out about making a decent display?

I have to tape some display ..err things..boxes.. up

I have to print display arrrgghhhh !!!... whew sorry... I uhh ..heh..

I did my cards though ;)  I had these old pre punched cards from wayyyy back in the old I threw some info on them.
I worked today on some baskets bread and cakes /pies
The fair requirements are that you try to stay within the season, holiday fair.. so I tried to make more seasonal minis
Poinsettia Cake ;)
Box o' Holiday Cookies
I need to get back to Holiday Inc: and make some more displays from Balsa. See you in a couple of days ;P

Dec 2, 2012

Lettuce head tutorial.. sort of ;)

I started to work on some veggie scenes / boards for display. I tried a few tomatoes...leaks that failed miserably.. did I mention leaks are like 25 steps?

And first time lettuce.

I used a bit too much translucent clay on this lettuce but I do like a bit of transparency.

I know everyone has their own way of doing details on veggies but here is how I figured to do lettuce leaf detail pretty simply.
Fold and crumple a bit of tin foil making sure your crumples and folds are the size of the veining on the lettuce leaf.
Flatten the leaf a bit with your fingers using a fan like pattern then press onto the foil.
  As you can see you get some great detail on the leaf, at this point just layer around a center ball or pressed ball and you will have a pretty detailed lettuce.

Dec 1, 2012

More than minis.. to fill a big space

I decided to start a few pieces of food jewelry for the craft fair. While I know people will be stopping to glance at the minis I have no idea if people in my area are into this hobby. So I will do a few pieces of cupcake / Christmas food and candy jewelry just to take up space.

I will be fixing up the Fairy tree dusting it off and .. fixing it for display.

But of course I am mostly there to show off the mini's ..more work to be done 

Nov 29, 2012

Crazy mode, time on my hands..

So yeah I had the house to myself today.. I was a busy bee =)

I posted a new tutorial on prep boards and cutting boards, just kinda making them more fancy for your scenes or sales.

I worked on prep boards for sale at the mini craft fair:

I love this one particularly, I am getting better on my mushroom making.. less sicking to my hand and falling on the floor. =)

I even did a few more pieces of the Holiday Inc. House ..time to make the doughnuts...little ones :)

Nov 28, 2012

Project: phase one...of 1000?

I just wanted to post the gingerbread house quick to show its completion:

To continue: I started the "very basic start" on the Holiday Inc. build, the base and walls last night.
I have to go pick out some wall decoration and stain..and flooring..and..well you know how it goes ;)

Nov 27, 2012

MiniFanatics, around this house

My 5 year daughter is my biggest fan ;) She was my inspiration from the start and always has great ideas in case I get fog brain when I sit down to the clay table.

From time time we did projects together until she told me she wanted her own clay and tools.

Most children play with clay or playdoh from time to time and you find some nice food stuffs in there or a funny little character but usually a big hand sized ________<insert thing here.

My daughter went from lumps to some pretty nice stuff.
And of course were not talking about big old hand sized chunks here.. I think she is going to outdo me by age 7.
At least I can be a good assistant in her shop ;)

Christmas goodies..making make the goods

I started messing around with creating stamps and new tools today, I now have ambitions of being a mini cutter maker.. my cutters would be like little embossing cutters so you would not only stamp detail into something but also cut a nice sharp shape out... <<<this is all fantasy you know? A gal can dream>>

I worked out a few kinks on the piping method for random items:

I made a pumpkin pie..since its already too late..ehh I still wanted to try one. I used my new handy dandy extruder gun on the whipped cream.

This one is still the prototype but I used a mini medicine syringe from a leftover vet visit to construct a really small piping gun.
It is filled with the standard tls/frosting mix.. just a little thicker. The hardest part will be to perfect a star shaped piping tip which I am messing around with utilizing metal tubing snipped bent and dropped into the syringe.
Think of a really small caulk gun
I also did not want to be the only girl on the block who didn't do a gingerbread house for this upcoming holiday craft fair...yeah so I started that. I just hope to perfect the piping gun for the decoration.
ps.. you see them gumdrops?  Pretty damn cute ain't they? Translucent/ color mix covered in fine sand and fine glitter ;)