Dec 3, 2012

Taking stock 2: your craft table and you.

I have been making minis at a frenzied pace, with the few mins a day I get. Sure I could read a book or relax or eat something other thank a hand full of walnuts and a plum..but WHO HAS TIME for that when your freaking out about making a decent display?

I have to tape some display ..err things..boxes.. up

I have to print display arrrgghhhh !!!... whew sorry... I uhh ..heh..

I did my cards though ;)  I had these old pre punched cards from wayyyy back in the old I threw some info on them.
I worked today on some baskets bread and cakes /pies
The fair requirements are that you try to stay within the season, holiday fair.. so I tried to make more seasonal minis
Poinsettia Cake ;)
Box o' Holiday Cookies
I need to get back to Holiday Inc: and make some more displays from Balsa. See you in a couple of days ;P


  1. You have to break for food, sleep, and the occasional washroom/shower; otherwise you'll pass out at the sale! Everything looks fab, remember to have fun :D

  2. hehe.. thanks hon,

    Yeah or at least shower before the one wants smelly minis *ROTFL*

  3. Yap, just have fun. All the preparation is worth of time! Your minis look realistic and eatable too, ::)))