Dec 30, 2013

Happy New Year to you and yours!

From my family to yours, we wish you a very happy, healthy and safe New Year!

Dec 22, 2013

Holiday Inc: Santas Workshop Complete

Good evening good folks!

This will be my last post till the new year and I will let you know after dragging my feet a bit I have completed Santa's workshop. I will tell you I got pretty lazy about the details at the end so it might be a bit messy in areas and my camera has pretty much seen its last days, but its finished enough to consider the rest next Christmas :P
I want to thank all of you great mini friends for the swaps and wonderful gifts you sent over the last year, you will notice your pieces are displayed here with lots of love and gratitude!
I hope your Holiday season goes well and you are happy and healthy!



Santa here was a last minuet creation, my daughter insisted I make a Santa so I threw him together with scraps of projects ..he has my failed Easter bunny body, the head I started a year ago and some pipe cleaners, pillow remnants etc...he turned out better than I thought!   
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have questions about things in the shop, feel free to contact me or ask in comments.
Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to you all!!

Dec 14, 2013

Holiday Inc. Toy worktable : Also I may be completely addicted to glitterhouses

Good evening good folk!

I been working on Holiday Inc..I have! but before that...Glitter houses....twinkle in the eye!

I though of doing some little toy houses for the shop area and the build space so I looked up paper craft houses and a few patterns came up...then...then I saw them..glitter houses....

I decided to print off a few of the patterns I found on the web and apply some of the 100 vials of nail gittery stuff in my stash....ohhh sparkle...oh delight.
On the larger house I added the flock and glitter I got from the fabulous chick that is Jennifer of Plushpussycat you will notice the houses look plush ;P 
The patterns are free to find all over the web for various projects. Just remember to look for the term PAPERCRAFT as well as printable when you folks want to find other printables for instance small 3d style toys and things can be found this way you just would scale them in any picture/ writing/ graphics program of your choice. 
EDIT: I have added this printable pdf for those who want to mess around with them>
Sorry got tranced there......
Any whoooooo... I did a little bit of work on the toy worktable . This is just balsa wood and acrylic paint I made some simple stools from woodsies.  

As you can see I filled the table and surrounding areas with a lot of the toys and beautiful swap pieces from the last year.

I made this little robot from some leftover foam pieces.  IT'S ALL GOOD them dodads, even when they all look at you crazy for picking up fancy strings and tiny scraps *heheh Harhar har* *crazy look in eye*

More work to be done....maybe...just....a few more.... glitter houses.....stares off into space........

Dec 9, 2013

Holiday Inc: The Christmas room renovation.

Hello folks, quick post here just to show you I actually am working on Holiday Inc... instead of just saying I last time...

The picture isn't the best, its snowy and cold and crap here today..

Any who, I decided to redo the walls with a faux plaster/adobe'ish finish.. so sand, paint and cornstarch to make a plastery mix. Then I went over them a few times with a rag and blotted a cream/orcre color.... so basically I redid the redo a few times..because I hated it three times.... all premeditated >=)

The floors have been redone to look more of a worn woodshop floor.

I made a quick bottle brush tree with the Lycopodium I got from Lyssa and added quite a few bits and baubles from you fine folks, to fill in the tree and present area.

This is just filling from the back to front so a lot of work to go. The plan will be to add a long work table and have three elves working at the table with toys in production...

Ok.. here is a shot of work in progress.

Dec 4, 2013

Christmas Mini Swaps: I've done it..Holiday Inc: is dusted off

Good day, good evening and goodnight..for me anyways ;)

Now that we are in December I wanted to show a few of the mini swaps I've done the last month. I have sat on my lazy mini butt for long enough! Its time for action and Holiday Inc. is back on the worktable!

My first swap was with a fine lady that actually lives locally to me we are within a hours distance form each other so we got to do this swap in person ;)

Traci over at made me some beautiful Christmas minis for Holiday Inc.

As you can see here she created this amazing Christmas wreath decorated with candies, silver and red ornaments just beautiful!. She taught me how to make the bow on her wreath so I learned a new skill as well!
The stocking is another amazingly crafted beauty, its sewn so fine you cannot even see the stitching. It is decorated with pine, perfect little apple, candy cane and of course another fine looking bow!
Stop by her blog and say hi, I expect great things from her!
Thank you again Traci! I look forward to our next meet hon!
I also wanted to show you a few of the Christmas minis that I swapped with Kelly over at the Greenleaf Dollhouses Forum. Kelly was the first place winner of the Spring fling this year and sooooo well deserved! She is such a lovely lady..and absolutely amaaaaaaazing miniaturist!
Have a look at some of her houses when you get a chance...she is just prepare for awesomeness! Kelly's FB
Kelly and I are both dragon lovin gals so of course we swapped a couple dragons but I will show you the Christmas minis for this post.
As you can see here we have a awesome gingerbread board with a gingerbread towel and frosting for decorations. She sent me these perfect winter pillows and of course a dragon sneaking into the stocking, peeking in on his treats! 
Thanks again Kelly you continue to inspire me!
I did mention Holiday Inc. Yes..I have ignored the ole girl long enough! She is back on the work table dusted sorted and ready for work. I have gotten so many amazing and wonderful gifts from you fine folks all around the world it is time to start placing them in Santa's workshop.
I decided that after learning a few new techniques from the Treetop Creature Shop that I would update the room a bit.. So I have stripped it down and am preparing a new vision.
I hope all your Chrismismini dreams come true! See you folks soon ;)