Jun 17, 2014

Now for something a little darker: The Sorceress Tower

Good day you mystical, magical folk of the flat earth! < Medieval reference>

I did a couple of days of work on the Sorceress Tower build recently.. its finally starting to look like something to show. If you remember this build is the Greenleaf Lighthouse in which I am surrounding in Model Air, Paperclay.

I did all of my interior Stonework and I glued the base of the frame together for the next few steps. I am still doing detail work..on a piece like this..that ..may..take...forever.

You will have to forgive the swirly background but it was showing my massive bomb of a workroom and I don't want to scare anyone off by showing them my *hehehheharhar*

This is the base floor, I was thinking this will be a potion, alchemy type room I am not sure yet as ideas change....*roll eyes*  
I am still doing a lot of touch ups and the door is temporary

As you can see I started playing with some of the amazing magical gifts I have received from you fine folks around the globe. 

Here is the second floor window, the third looks the same. I did a scored floor again on this for now. I may go back and add stick flooring but for now I needed the frame glued.

More work to be done...forever :P


I also did do a few things for my Etsy shop, I am trying to create unique things that you don't see everyday while keeping the costs reasonable. You see so many  mediocre things selling for insane amounts out there, I decided to do a small fee with shipping included for these first pieces.

I am always such a perfectionist when it comes to selling things that sometimes it hampers me. I have to learn that sometimes you have to just accept your own work and get it out there ;)

I will be doing a couple Dragon sets,  Eleven relics, Steampunkery, Fae, Vampire hunters stuff..   I also might delve into the religious realm and create different sets for folks of faith..all faiths included.

Now....just..to ...do them..~J

Jun 10, 2014

Sculpey / Bird House :Fairy house complete:: Mission Fairy Class complete..everything else...well..

Good day good wee folk of the woodlands!

I have been working here and there on some of my daughters fairy garden and I wanted to share some pictures of the fairy gardens the children completed since the last day of our class.

So you remember the big house I had plans for the large planter? I decided to add all my details in polymer clay!! Yes I am still rolling in clay ;)

Did you know you could bake polymer clay directly on a birdhouse?..oh yes .but more on that another time *wink*
I am still playing with details but i think it turned out pretty cute. Leaves for the roof, door, shutters, stonework, moss and vines all in polymer clay.

I might sell a few of these in smaller scale on Etsy. I certainly will do a few theme houses, Christmas, Halloween etc for the Christmas Craft fair I intend on going to this year. If you see them being sold before I do..well you know where the idea came from *lol*

I also wanted to show you some shots of the childrens Fairy and Troll Gardens from the class I taught. It was a wonderful experience and I hope they ask me back for another session.

I hope you are all being crafty! 
Hugs ~J