Dec 11, 2012

The Mini Candy Cane: The hidden beauty

So for the next week I thought I would showcase the mini candy cane. Its simple twisted beauty and its hidden its hidden beauty.

As you can see I made the candy cane pretty detailed but you can't really see the color well in this shot so I moved it over to the light.

I created them the same way Disney makes their candy canes with the red and green block technique..just smaller.

Sorry for cluttering up the candy cane shot with all that background junk.

I am just going to move that other stuff into the stockpile I have started..I'll probably just box it up..or give it away somewhere..there is going to be a small box full *wink*

...Back to Holiday Inc;


  1. You do have a blog Jane! And I already joined, I just forgot. I love your mini babking scene. And I'll look at your you tube tutorials. I really want to start making mini food, it just makes me nervous! My friend Pat is going to teach me, but she's away on Vacation right now. I will start practising this month, and in the new year my friend Pat will give me "Lessions"

    1. Welcome hon;)

      Translucent clay will be your biggest friend in any foods you do. Also a couple of sticks of chaulk mostly brown, ochre and yellow.

      Good luck with the minifood work I look forward to seeing it progress!!

  2. It's all very well done. It's fine scenes you have made.


    1. Thank you very much ;) Keep looking for the candy cane ;P

  3. Your candy canes look great Jane, I love the detail with the multiple colors. Also that crystal ornament the looks almost translucent looks good too. This will be the cold porcelain weekend!!! I swear you inspire me soo!

    1. Yeah I expect some awesome mini things to come out of your new mini ceramic shop ;P