Dec 13, 2012

More of the candy cane *wink* ..and other things

Just before I go onto the candy cane, I wanted to show you a new prep board I put on Etsy.

The chicken soup prep board, I am learning about cane techniques... as you can see the carrots and the parsnips have a lighter core.

The chicken breast turned out pretty neato, like all your food items remember first portion is Translucent clay, then for chicken meat a dab of pink and a smaller spec of orange .. do small finger sized batches until you get the hang of it ;)


Onto the show..

So this candy cane did not turn out so well,you can see it sitting next to this left over cookie board and hard candy bowl.

I guess I will work more on size for the next few canes.
Unfourtunatly this cookie board got messed up by this broken egg..Oh well.. I guess I will add it to the stock pile for the to the box. *wink*


  1. It is impressive as your cake batter and eggs looks lifelike. Nice work.


    1. thank you ;)I hope who ever gets it enjoys is as well *giggle*