Dec 8, 2012

Off to the Fair!!

I have setup my table, well 98% any way. I tried to showcase the items as best as I could and still fill out the table with a bit of everything.

I think the space use looks good, You never realize how small these things are until you are trying to fill up a 8 foot table ;)
I tried to place items as categories so I did foods, boards, decorations and a Christmas section. 
Last item I forgot about until I had to go set up was a business card holder, so I threw this together out of scrap balsa wood in about 5 Min's.. it looks like crap.....BUT...
You ever have a moment when you say to yourself .."That's so damn clever"?  Mini card display.. and extras glued to the business card :)
(pats own back) *lol*

Wish me luck.


  1. Wishing you all the best Jane! Everything looks great, love your business card holder with minis to boot.

    1. Thanks hon, I made it through ;) I will have to restock a bit now..but first a bit of a rest.zzzzzz

  2. Hi, your stall looks beautiful. X

    1. Thank you, a little chirstmas wrapping does wonders ;P