Dec 17, 2012

MINIFANATICUS GIVEAWAY!!!: aka holidaygivawayfanaticus

Did you follow the candy cane?? *wink*

Yes folks its holiday time and you have already been entered. Did you make any comment to me in December either on Greenleaf or on my blog here?

Then you were entered in my GIVEAWAYFANATICUS!!!!!

Holly Cake, Yule Log Cake, Jar of Candy Canes, Glitter Ornaments, Holiday Candle, Sugar Cookie Prep board, Iced Holiday Cookie's, Bowl of Candies, Holiday Card, Winter Cornucopia

Why do it so sneaky? ..Well..while I would love 100 followers..what does it matter if they are not interested in what you have to say and are only here for free stuff??

If you are just a silent follower, don't fret my friend,  there are many more holidays to Holiday Inc: next one won't be sneaky ;)

Large Pictures click!


So who is going to be in the draw:
  • Bogie
  • Dalesq
  • Patsea
  • WyckedWood
  • Kellyannmo
  • Jennybee
  • Otterine
  • Minigrandma10
  • Jrchob
  • Minsanity
  • Mininecessities
  • Chapchap73
  • Wyrna Christensen
  • Ruth Ramaekers
  • Craftland minis und anderes
  • Mamasminis
  • A Wright
  • Darah
  • Donna Humphries
  • Natalia's Fine Needlework
  • Gee
  • Jenny Costa
  • Jazzi
  • Did I forget you? Let me know
I will wait till Wednesday the 19th to do the random number thing. If you are interested in being in this drawing and you are on the list please let me know in the comments below or on the Greenleaf Post.
A few things to know:
My house is smoke free but not cat free, if you are in a different country besides USA it might take the gift a bit more time to get to you I am sure you folks know that though ;)
Good luck to you,


  1. Fabulous giveaway! :D

  2. I really applaud your sneakiness because it benefits me personally :P
    Your scene looks amazing! So excited! Have a great Christmas Jane!
    Love Ruth

  3. Just found your blog, Nice giveaway, I joined but too late for this time. Thank you for a nice blog.

  4. Blast for the busy holidays and finishing Mt Ollopa! I've had time to read your posts, but none to comment really. My phone isn't that smart. :) I love that you did your giveaway this way! I did one like that a couple months ago... just went through the comments and picked people out. The actual followers are the ones that should be rewarded. :)

    Your Christmas minis are wonderful, and I loved your Autumn ones, too. Good luck to all the entrants!

  5. Hooray, lovely goodies! Can't wait for Wednesday :D

  6. Please add me to the drawing :) I've been silently observing the good stuff.
    PS Nice Etsy store!

  7. oooh...please include me Jane! Very nice giveaway, hugs Jazzi

  8. Your food scene is fantastic. I would love to participate so please count me in.

  9. Please count me in as well! The food looks so good it makes me hungry!

  10. Just found your lovely blog through Jazzy's link up and am now your new follower :)
    Hugs Maria

  11. Awesome giveaway idea Jane and such great mini creations. I love your minis but I'm sure you already knew that! Best of luck everyone!