Dec 16, 2012

Holiday Inc: Update

I am trying not to lock all my doors and hide from the world right now, to justify sending my daughter back to kindergarten and not home schooling...

So mini time with my daughter did us some good as a family. And ironically we got a lot done ;)

I have done the hardwood floor in the store area my daughter helped me "stain" the wood with acrylic paints for the furniture and sills etc..

I started a Popsicle stick floor.. and then 1/4 the way through decided I needed some brains and hand ability.. So I did the scoring floor technique.

I cut down the 13ft counter..seemed ridiculous.. to a 8 foot and it fits better in the space.
You can see one of the Fae from May Day already sneaked in ...May Day hasn't even been thought of ..I don't know how it got there ;)
I also roughed out Santa's Work shop a bit mostly "staining" the flooring piece and getting the wood sets together.
More work to be done..Giveaway to pack.. candy cane *wink*


  1. I'm happy to find your blog today. I'm now a new follower. Your flooring is beautiful. I'm looking forward to see the next steps.
    Hugs from Craftland

    1. I am glad to have you ;) and I love your blog!

  2. Your flooring looks great, so however you managed to get the look is perfect! :D

    1. Thanks hon, just lined the floor with a dark carpenter pencil then scored it with a clay tool ;) the clay tool was thicker than a exacto so deeper ruts.

  3. Jane! Your work is fabulous. Don't feel guilty about a hobby that relaxes you and makes you feel happy. That makes you a better mum. Plus, you're letting her help you!

  4. It is so super nice the whole thing. Your floor and your store's furniture is so beautiful in their warm color.
    When my children were in kindergarten, they had many days off where we had a good time together.
    They're both adults and has good long university education. So I think it is healthy with much parenting time.
    Enjoy her.

    1. Thanks hon, I try to spend quality time with her, it is good medicine ;)

  5. I love this store, trying to do a shell store for my daughter(40)For all the tiny shells that she has brought me though the years.

    1. Thank you hon,

      A little room box? a few shelves and a counter out of balsa wood and your set :)

      Show us when you can!

  6. Love this store, all the shelves. I am going to use your wonderful ideas. You are such an inspiration.

    Family IS everything.