Nov 27, 2012

Christmas goodies..making make the goods

I started messing around with creating stamps and new tools today, I now have ambitions of being a mini cutter maker.. my cutters would be like little embossing cutters so you would not only stamp detail into something but also cut a nice sharp shape out... <<<this is all fantasy you know? A gal can dream>>

I worked out a few kinks on the piping method for random items:

I made a pumpkin pie..since its already too late..ehh I still wanted to try one. I used my new handy dandy extruder gun on the whipped cream.

This one is still the prototype but I used a mini medicine syringe from a leftover vet visit to construct a really small piping gun.
It is filled with the standard tls/frosting mix.. just a little thicker. The hardest part will be to perfect a star shaped piping tip which I am messing around with utilizing metal tubing snipped bent and dropped into the syringe.
Think of a really small caulk gun
I also did not want to be the only girl on the block who didn't do a gingerbread house for this upcoming holiday craft fair...yeah so I started that. I just hope to perfect the piping gun for the decoration.
ps.. you see them gumdrops?  Pretty damn cute ain't they? Translucent/ color mix covered in fine sand and fine glitter ;)



  1. I think your tiny caulk gun is going to work out really well, good idea! That is one tasty looking pie!

    1. I hope it does, I like the little bit of melted look that the tls mix gives other than twisting clay.

      I only wish my real pie looked this good..but it sure tasted good for three days *lol*

  2. They are cute! and look very realistic! Mini hugs, Natalia

  3. I so need a gumdrop right now!!! :D

  4. Yepp thats it I am gonna have to come over for a mini play date! lol Your gumdrops look great! Such wonderful ideas you come up with.

  5. Ohmygoodness! These are so great! I soooooo need a tiny gingerbread house!! *dashes off to find the clay*

  6. Hi Jane,I'm a new follower of your work,amazing tuto!!Miniregards from sunny Spain.