Nov 25, 2012 the..workshop

I only had a few mini Min's today so I started to work on a display counter and a simple table:

I am running out of balsa wood packs I will have to start searching more than just Michael's for the 8.00 packs of scrap wood. They do have a hobby lobby about 40 mins from me. Last time I went there tho I think I spend about 2 1/2 hours just looking around at small packs of "things" just to see how many mini ideas I would come up with.
I better pack a bag lunch for my next trip ;)
You will see tho I have upgraded my dollar store table for this $2.00 table I've made form balsa wood.. hey its a start :P

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  1. Marvelous furnishings! I'm eager to see this store take shape!