Nov 24, 2012

I took a break from the clay today *shocker*

Yes I know, I must be low in zinc.

I am getting excited now, I've ordered the Taft General Store from Greenleaf and my big project will soon be started.

So in anticipation I picked up some of the piles of wood I've had laying on the wood shelf...forever...and started working on some of the workshop furniture:

Now this isn't to showcase my artisan skills with popsicle sticks ;) .... they are rough and unfinished but I will get some nice detail wood and stain once I figure the color palette for the room.
This is supposed to be a workbench and shelf...or will be when I'm done. :)


  1. wow, I love the bench! It's so simple yet it looks great. I'm sure it will be even better once you add some stain and put some tools on. I'm sure you'll have to build a lot more shelves for your shop.... Luckily they're easy to build :)


    1. I love balsa wood man! So easy to cut and shape..and quick;)

  2. I like your shop idea reminds me of Nightmare before Christmas! Doors ...Portals... Your table and bookshelf looks good too.

    1. Oh it definatly is NBC based!! Then again all my thoughts look like a Tim Burton my head anyways =P