Nov 23, 2012

Black Friday..aka stay in your house and cleanup..

Well I should have been resetting the house today but instead the mini fever took over.. it started the night before as I stared at the decorated dishes for Thanksgiving.

Then this morning the "ideas" pop in your know if you don't start on them or sketch them out your going to be just floating around anyways... So I took the morning to work on some new skills.

Platters/Mugs/Bowls and fruit:


I decided to attempt a few different things this morning, I never really work on platters or cups so I though that would be a good start.

As you can see here its your standard Polymer punch plate: punch circle then press a smaller circular object in the middle slowly and rim will lift. I used a couple of small nail decals on the plates just to add some contrast.
The 2 decorated bowls are done with a stylus, Ill have to get more into that one at another time, its a few steps for that

 I worked a bit on twice baking clay, starting with a standard shape and adding clay to it with details. A simple mold pressed cup... baked it, then added the base and fancy handle. This way you can grip the cup and press details in.
This platter was done by punching a simple circle then adding indents, I ran it though the pasta machine once and it turned out to be a perfect oval.
The cookies I did cutting with a exacto and hand shaped..just to see if i could
The fruit bowl is something you have to keep working on but I wanted to get a baseline to see where i was at in making small fruit.. first time bananas here.. they don't look to bad ;) nails and hands are jacked up... yes...yes I know




  1. The nail decal idea for the plates is really great.

    1. Ive seen quite a few great mini crafters out there mentioning this use and it was only till I stopped by my local drug store and got 4 big packs of everything from flowers to skulls till I realized "OHHH YEAH" dont have to hand paint everything jane :P