Nov 29, 2012

Crazy mode, time on my hands..

So yeah I had the house to myself today.. I was a busy bee =)

I posted a new tutorial on prep boards and cutting boards, just kinda making them more fancy for your scenes or sales.

I worked on prep boards for sale at the mini craft fair:

I love this one particularly, I am getting better on my mushroom making.. less sicking to my hand and falling on the floor. =)

I even did a few more pieces of the Holiday Inc. House ..time to make the doughnuts...little ones :)


  1. Your onions are marvelous! (Can I say that in polite company?) Haaaa!

    1. hehe thanks hon, the big one..the polymer clay job of all jobs will be to learn the scallion / leak canes.. wait till you start working on that one like a 25 step process ;P

  2. Prep boards, cookies and veggies!!! Oh my all looks good enough to eat... Well aside from the prep boards, too much fiber. Ha Wow 25 step process I bet!