Apr 22, 2013

Warm weather, less blogging: Lets swap?

Good morning folks.

The weather here has been gradually getting warmer, I find myself going outside for more of my free time, although I have a lot of "mini" ideas for the summer months my spring mini ideas are a bit on the back burner as we are prepping our vegetable garden carrots, peas and lettuce are planted :).. and working around the yard.

We have a large population here of white tailed deer, and while there are forms of "deer resistant" plants..these goshdarned deer around my house love to eat those "resistant plants" apparently they did not resist so much...

So we have decided to surround our acre of yard space in cattle fence along the tree line. This is going to be quite a lot of work but at this point in our yard space..its like a all you can eat buffett.

Anyways on to the little things in life, I have several little projects in mind but I think I might only be able to get one going:

Placeable, vegetable rows with veggies and dirt
Placeable, box garden with veggies.
Placeable, raised garden bed
Placeable, birdbath with dirt..plants butterflies..

If anyone has a preference on the next project let me know..I was leaning towards creating our own birdbath with simple molds and clay but if there is a overwhelming preference we can go with that.

...........Also maybe we should set up a few swaps, unlike my valentines swap I think I will let you decide on what you want...and you can make me whatever you like to make ;)

That way it gives me more creative range and I get a surprise ;P

So for now, let me know what project you would prefer and if anyone is interested in a swap I will do three swaps like last time, let see who is interested.

Email me, message.. comments or on plus

Have a great day!


  1. I would love to see a raised veggie garden bed, it's a project that I have on my to-do list. I would be very interested in participating in a swap.
    A Big Mini Hug

    1. Sounds good Mary, I will contact you about the swap via mail ;)

  2. I would love to do a swap with jewelry if anyone is interested.
    I love garden projects. All your suggestions look good. A garden pool can also be lovely.
    Thank you for the intiative. (I hope I used the right word..)
    Hugs, Drora

    1. The you will be my third swap Drora! I will contact you via email to set up details hon ;)

  3. Ohh noes day late swap short. Can I be on the alt list. Hehe What a great idea for surprise swap.

    I do like the bird bath idea, also if you ever want a challenge how about how to make water coming from a spout into a bucket or a self pouring/floating pot of tea filling a cup.

  4. Dear Jane.
    I would like to learn something about marbling on wood, I know well the crackle technique and it is not that term I wish to raise. I have made the past few days with marbling, but can not get it to look proper. It will look great on bathroom and kitchen furniture, yes even on floors. So if you want to show this technique, I would be so grateful.
    I just read your question again and it may be I have misunderstood something, I'm always happy to see what you will do.

    1. Hi Wyrna, I will address the marbling honey ;)

  5. Hoi Jane
    Kan er geen wijs uit of je al 3 swaps hebt,maar anders wil ik graag meedoen.
    groetjes doortje

    1. Hallo Doortje, ik belive ik heb mijn drie swaps, bedankt voor het vragen.

      Misschien kunnen we proberen voor een andere volgende keer;)