Jan 22, 2013

Making things in threes: Lets Swap

Over the last week or so I have been working on chocolate boxes for a customer, I  tried my hand at the bead perfume displays, I was working on a few little cakes for a friend and I received the most beautiful amazing gifts from Jennybee over at The Dark Side of a Mini Addict:

I don't want to blab too much about Jennybee and her amazing work or spoil the fact that she sent me a gorgeous scarf and one of her exquisite pieces of furniture....but..I guess I just did. Anyways I'll keep it short...

Beautifully crafted and amazing work...luv u

SO what did all this skill building and gift giving cook up for us, you might say?

I decided to work on a piece for my Etsy store: Tis the season

but then I started thinking... maybe a red set..

....but then I started thinking why not three red sets:

what are ya getting at Jane?

Who wants to swap???

So I have three sets like this one above. I would like to swap for things for Holiday Inc:

I need:

Christmas Room:
Wrapped presents and bags
Small toys
Lycopodium , princess pine, ground cedar  < can't find this anywhere...

Halloween Room:
creepy things
dark plants...

May Day: or summer room
Plants, flowers greenery...I SUCK at this
out door decorations, bird feeder.
birds, bugs,

Now this may not be how the traditional swaps go but this makes sense for me:  Gifts and exchange for your talents where mine suck ;P

Ok so I have three sets lets see who is interested , please let me know via Comments below or Google:

You should have a blog, will I make a exception..maybe
You need to be a member of this blog today.. exception if your part of my miniatures community
You want to be the 4th trade..exceptions..maybe
You want it in chartreuse...maybe

Ok let see who bites and I will random pick if we have too many.



  1. I would love to do some plants/flowers for you.

    1. Awesome! I would love to get em ;P

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    3. Ive emailed you hon

  2. I think it's a brilliant idea to make a svap where you get exactly what you need. I do not have much experience with the things you are looking for. But I wish you good luck.


  3. Cool! I will post on the miniature community about it

  4. Aww miss Jane you make me blush by your wonderful comments! I'm soo glad you liked them. Also may I mention what a great idea this is..the swap/exchange. Can't wait to see what you end up with.

  5. Hello from Greece! New here..after you so kindly signed in at my blog! Thank you ever so much! I am always ever so excited if people think it is worth looking and following! Wishing you every sucess with the swap...which i think is agreat idea to swap for things one would like to have! I could offer some christmas items..if you think they would really do for you...as i am still quite a beginner!But your beautiful set is quite a "temptation"!!! :) just have a look at my blog, the xmas/christmas label! Best greetings Anne

    1. Welcome to my blab..er blog and yours is lovely :)

      I think I have my three trades but that might not fill the house ;P So stay tuned ;)

      Thank you for chipping in ;)