Jan 27, 2013

Holiday Inc: This blog title is too long.....

So I was going to name this blog title:

Holiday Inc: Cutting and placing things next to things and then deciding on just buying new things to go with the OEM things..


I am planning on doing some of the exterior wood work, mostly planning..and some doing.."where was I?"

This kit had window pieces but they had print all over them which did not fit in the Theme I was going for so I decided on using some of that "stuff you never throw away in case you can use it for minis"

My daughter got this big lip gloss/ hair tie beauty kit for Christmas and wouldn't you know it had this massive piece of hard clear plastic.."score"

So I cut a few plain windows out, which I might just cover with decals any ways....yeah

I painted a bit of the trim to make sure my original inspiration picture was going to work with the "brick paper change up"
This picture here is a basic inspiration of how I want the front to look: Building on right
I also did a bit or starter work for a sidewalk using my wood glue, paint and sand. Then leveling it like cement. Its going to be "grassed up leaves etc, so don't look at lines which I messed up...
*shut up ;P *
The paint isn't as blue as it appear in these photos but I think I might darken it up a bit to get the same inspiration photo look.
Oh the part of cutting and just go buying.. I need to go get some 1/2 to 1" inch molding and trim for the crown areas and window trim, this flat board just ain't cutting it.


  1. This is looking amazing, and looks spot on. Can't wait to see more. x

  2. I like the colors. I wish they offered the decals as a add-on like model cars decals, it would make life easier. Or at least in my head it seems like that. lol

    1. No I totally agree I could have used the windows at least in some form, but cutting them for other projects works ;P

  3. Looking awesome! I am like you, look at every bit of packaging to see what minis I could make out of it, cept had to have a cull recently as it was getting out of hand lol! Hugs J xxx