Jan 17, 2013

Holiday Inc Easter room: Jane says dollhouse blasphemy

So the dollhouse blasphemy will come at the end of this post, just in case I get flack for it, I can run and hide as you read this post ;P

I have finished the layout of the grounds area of the Easter room. I am still adding plants flowers and eggs but I have to plan out areas for paint buckets, baskets and characters.

I used some cuts of lemax grass mats for the flat grass areas, I placed boarders around the stones and grass with a soil area (Wood glue, brown paint and tea leaves) to break up the view.
I wanted the borders and some areas to be raised up so I have thrown in these mounds like under the tree in a few places just to give more perspective.
Tree mound
I hope you enjoyed the view...
NOW comes the Blasphemy....dunn dunn dunnnnn
Some of you already know this from our chats ;)
I don't like the building construction part of building the house...there I've said it!
Now the reason I have stated this horrible thing is because I have decided to cheap out on the brickwork. Don't get me wrong I made some paperclay sheets, I bought some plastic brick siding and even thought of using individual bricks...but with time and life as it is....
I need to fix some spots...I will seal it... and I can always change it but for now scrapbook was my buddy.


  1. Is that paper?! It looks so good. I need to go back-and-forth from construction to decorating or else I would go insane.

    1. I thought it looked pretty good ;P It is paper, when I found it I knew to get a pile of it. It does appear to be scale as well. Michaels ;) 5 for 1$

      Yeah I can go a few stints at a time with construction but of course I want to decorate;)

  2. It takes really good shape, still lovely colors. I can follow you, I am at this time, also not so eager to building houses or rebuild. I just want to decorate.


    1. I second the vote for decorating ;P

  3. Ohh ladies send me your builds!!! I love to build, the sanding, the dust, the sealing, the messy gloppy glue!!! That's my favorite part! Now the decorating... goes soo slow for me.... But its ok I have chocolate, adult beverages and loving friends to encourage me on. The outside looks good in the photos. I must confess I used scrapbook paper on the back wall of one of my shops. The front and visable side walls of both my shops have individual bricks that I somehow went crazy and glued down. But by the end the walls that the 2 shops touch each other on MEH i went with paper. Besides my theory was its brick pattern and those walls needed to be flat so they would set next to each other. Am I right.?.? haha

    1. New note on Jennys blog, Ive received 20 houses .... ;P

  4. I love the Easter room so far! And I think the brick paper looks great. I am in love with almost all the houses at the Dollhouse Emporium in the UK, and I am pretty sure they unashamedly use paper on the exteriors :)



  5. Wonderful...as always...it's your blog you can say what you like remember?
    XX Ruth

  6. doing brickwork is just no fun.
    but.... it all looks great, I love it!!
    The ground area looks SO real and the building actually looks like you had fun working on it.
    Just luvluvluvvvv it!