Feb 25, 2013

Two weeks of crazy time: and a new friend

Good Morn'in!

My daughter loves fairies, So we are going to have a small fairy themed birthday party. A lot of hand crafting here. I though of flowers and vines hanging down, fairy table.. cutting out fairy's and having them fly around the celling "fishing line" This may be interesting to try because my living room has a 22ft ceiling at the peak..lots of string *lol*

I love this fairy table picture as inspiration, but we will have to see what my outcome would be..not the same..

I  will have a polymer clay table for the girls to each create their own necklace, I was thinking cupcakes or hearts where they can press some metal designs in, I am going to start making a few canes for them to play around with.

My daughters rainbow cake necklaces and charms are a big hit with the girls at school so I am making a few pieces as gifts.

I will be working on this for the next two weeks, I'll post a few pictures for those that would like to see more about "Janes macro skills" less micro.
Also Mr. bunny was looking sad so I made him a friend ;)
Yes..yes.. that is a bunny in a Easter bonnet
See you soon..ish


  1. Uh, oh! You're going to be overrun with tiny bunnies soon. :O

  2. This sounds like a great birthday party! Can I come? ;)
    Your bunnys are very cute!

  3. Your bunnys are so cute. Your plan sounds exciting. It will be a great birthday party.


  4. It looks like a wonderful party. Your daughter will love it.

  5. It will be a fantastic Party! Like a dream for small girls. I love your bunnys they are very cute!

    By from Lil in Sweden

  6. Oh how fun, great party plans Jane, I'm sure the kids will have a blast. LOL @ Brae's comment about your bunnies, to be fair she is flaunting that fancy hat pretty hard :p

  7. oh- I wish I was close to you because I would offer up free help on this party! I love it- how fun!!! I actually have weird bug fairies I made from dollar store dolls hanging from the ceiling in my craft room :) Your bunnies are adorable and the girls are going to love to take home their very own rainbow cake necklace! ♥

  8. Preciosa fiesta de hadas.
    Seguro que lo pasan genial.
    Los conejitos son maravillosos.
    besitos ascension

  9. Una Fiesta DE HADAS ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ FABULOSO