Jan 12, 2013

Eggs, Baskets Action: I have fingeritis of the fingertips

So I made those eggs:

I watched some news and rolled some white ones:

Why is the news just the same s*** that was on last week, and probably will be on the week after? No ones doing any good in the world? Or its just not news worthy to have feel good stories on anymore?

I listened to some good jazz music and rolled some pink ones:

Then I got into the jazz, and mushed half of them  < I do not suggest jazzersizing your eggs ;)

I sat outside and rolled some blue ones:

It was 50 degree's today here on the east coast..its January the 12th....yeah but global wa'wa isn't a real thing..excuse me while I turn off my heat and open the windows...mid winter

I rolled some yellow ones in between some chicken soup:

My daughter is sick..again I don't think its the flu, I think we had that 2 weeks ago..then again last I checked 47 states in the united states had almost epidemic portions of the flu. I am sure the rest of the world is also effected in some way.

I rolled some green ones and my fingers fell off:

Then again.. I think I may have rolled one and then the tips of my fingers just fell on the tray, did you know you could get fingeritis? I did not think my thumb joint had a muscle until I actually pulled that muscle, rolling mini eggs.

Well baskets are next..unless a iceberg hits my house from the big thaw or:  I get terrified from the news report that states that the iceberg is coming or: The news reports that a iceberg filled with the flu is heading for New York.

I better just go listen to more Jazz and stretch my thumbs and calm down.

<3 Jane


  1. Cute Eggs! I think I'll be up to making Polymer clay eggs by Easter :)

  2. Ready for Easter. Lovely baskets of eggs.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. I smile every time I see you have made a new post even before I have read it!! Also yes please do take time out from minis so not to get a bad case of fingeritis. It has been known a safe exercise to prevent it is unwrapping a piece of chocolate and well eating it. Don't make the mistake of trying another mini project like sanding either before properly stretching..Sanding = major finger cramps and well breaking nails!!

    1. Your comments make me smile <3

      Yes ..the chocolate will do wonders, I must get a box and do a few trial runs first though >:)

  4. Wow, lots of eggs! we just got the flu 2 weeks ago here in Europe.
    Hope icebergs stay away from you and chocolate is always a good idea!

  5. This post had me rolling. Too funny! Your eggs are beautiful. :)